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14 Sep 2010 11:14


Tech: 3D printing looks kinda like the wave of the future

Could 3D printing replace manual labor for manufacturing? Well, it’s off to a good start. This architectural model was printed using a 3D printer. source

24 Jun 2010 11:20


Tech: The Getty Images iPad app is full of photo-editing win

  • We mentioned this to our boy Charles Apple last night, but it needs to be emphasized. This app makes photo-editing – a job that once required people to spend hours looking at dull Web pages – significantly easier. We used it and found the interface impeccable – it’s just easier than clicking through page after page of photos. We approve. (Do this with iStockPhoto next, guys. Please? You own it. You could do it.) source

09 Sep 2009 10:25


Music: Snoop Dogg is top cat at an iconic hip-hop label imprint

  • Priority Records just made him top priority. Everybody loves Snoop Dogg, right? (Well, besides the dogg thing, but today he’s an honorary cat.) Well, Priority Records, a gangsta rap label which released classic West Coast hip-hop from the likes of NWA, Eazy-E, Ice Cube and Westside Connection, is making him creative chairman of the label. Just in time for their 25th anniversary, Priority will put him in charge of a series of releases to commemorate the label’s history. Not bad, Niggarachi. source

07 Jul 2009 00:49


Music: Amazing! Japanese band Sour perfects the YouTube viral video

  • This is our Babe Ruth pointing at the the outfield moment: In one week, Sour’s music video will be everywhere. In one year, this video will be seen as a defining moment for YouTube. In fifty years, sociologists will point to this video as a leading example of viral video. It’s just that amazing. source

22 Mar 2009 23:59


Biz: Yesterday, we tried to come up with innovative ad models.

Revenue 2.0 rocked. Here’s our attempt at an improved version of Craigslist for newspapers. Tell us what you think. source

06 Feb 2009 09:51


Tech: Hate ads? Like art? Try out this new Firefox extension.

  • Sick of ads? In this era when it feels like every single page on the Interweb is loaded with ads, you may just feel like blocking them, and of course, many people do. (Hopefully not on this page, though. :( ) Firefox, in particular, allows you to easily sidestep ads.
  • A creative solution Add-Art allows you to replace those ads for Hardee’s with something a little more visually appealing (and less Thickburger) – a display of a contemporary artist’s work, gallery-style. Those spaces are gonna be there anyway. Might as well not be blank, right? source