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23 Dec 2011 01:15


Politics: Pennsylvania Judge issues rulings in rhyme

  • Sentenced on the other crimes, he surely won’t go free / But we find he can’t be guilty of this final felony / Convictions for the forgery and theft are approbated / The sentence for insurance fraud, however, is vacated
  • Judge J. Michael Eakin • Apparently, this Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice is known locally as the “rhyming judge” for — you guessed it — issuing judicial verdicts in verse. We love that people like this exist. (Correction: The initial post had the wrong state. Oops, sorry about that.)  source

07 Nov 2011 23:22


Music: Don’t wait to listen to “Camp”. You’ll be out of the cool loop.

  • Childish Gambino’s “Camp” is streaming already: You should have heard about “rap’s stepfather” by now. Childish Gambino, who you might know better as actor and writer Donald Glover, is releasing his latest album this month. Entitled “Camp,” it’s set to drop on November 15 … but if you’re cool, you can listen to it today. Thanks to NPR’s First Listen, you can listen to the entire album for free. It’s not safe for work due to explicit lyrics, but if we had our way, this would be mandatory listening material in every workplace. Take him seriously, though, as “few hip-hop artists have blurred the boundaries of rap and humor more subversively — or for a more serious end — than Childish Gambino.” source

25 Jul 2010 22:22


Politics: Max Headroom: Alvin Greene has an official(ly supported) theme song

  • We miss Jake Tapper Jake Tapper’s last week headlining ABC News’ “This Week” was a bittersweet affair, and this interview with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie shows why Tapper was a natural at this. Christiane Amanpour, you have a lot to live up to.

  • Alvin Greene’s Rap While this video certainly makes it seem like Alvin Greene created it (and has an extreme LeBron James fetish) he didn’t. Doesn’t matter. His long-shot campaign needs whatever PR it can get right now, so why the heck not?

  • Howard Dean relevantBack in 2004, before that whole scream thing ruined his chances at the presidency, he was actually worth watching. Now, he’s on “Fox News Sunday” … calling Fox News racist for their Shirley Sherrod coverage. Welcome back, Howie!

06 May 2010 22:24


Music: Non-expert opinion: Hip-hop icons who talk big game

  • Disclaimer: We know as much about rap as we do about gardening. We can tell you what a flower looks like, we can tell you if it smells pretty, but we sure as heck suck at putting seeds in the ground and making them grow. That’s kind of the idea behind this new occasional feature, where we try to explain things we don’t particularly understand all that well. Next week: Quantum mechanics.

  • he knows he’s arrived Drake has more buzz than any rapper this side of his inmate buddy Lil Wayne, and with “Over,” he doesn’t underestimate his abilities nor does he pretend that there isn’t a dark side to the fame. It’s kind of refeshing – like Kanye when he used to be headier.

  • The comeback kid Lupe Fiasco’s album sales haven’t matched his cred as a hip-hop artiste, but he doesn’t let the haters get to him. “I’m Beamin'” is a great I’m-still-awesome comeback anthem. (Disclosure: Our good friend Rob Simmons did the visual effects on this awesome video.)

  • too full of himself Diddy hasn’t done anything of note with his music career in about a decade, and even then, he was kind of seen as a sell-out. It’s with that image of him we show you this teaser to a blog that doesn’t even exist yet. Kanye already has the hip-hop blogging game won, man.

20 Apr 2010 09:46


19 Apr 2010 22:21


Offbeat: Dear Providence College kids: You’re not really that cool

  • Look, white guy rap is one thing, but Asher Roth at least had flow when he did this. Then again, we take it back. We shouldn’t hate, because we remember what it was like to chill in the dorms like this. These dudes look like they’re just having fun. Still, though, fun ≠ flow. (Oh yeah, we wanna give a big up to their janitor, Domingo.)

14 Feb 2010 10:18


Offbeat: We like stores that tell us exactly what they are, too

  • “I don’t need no Papa John’s, I go straight to Pizza!” This comedy rap, “Stores That Tell You Exactly What They Are,” is clever as heck, and has a killer guitar-driven beat to boot.

19 Dec 2009 16:23


Music: Warren G continues gangsta rap’s family friendly push

It was a clear black night, a clear white moon, and Warren G was at the Boys & Girls Club accepting an award. What happened, man? We thought you were gangsta! source

27 Nov 2009 19:47


Politics: The latest in awful hip-hop: Hi Caliber, a tea-partying rapper

06 Oct 2009 10:20


Music: Remember Shyne? Of course you don’t. Well, he’s out of jail today.

Shyne was the fall guy in the J-Lo/P. Diddy shooting incident a decade ago. We completely forgot he existed. source