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28 Dec 2010 09:56


Politics: Alvin Greene’s running for office again – this time, more modestly

  • Filing closes (noon Monday), and until that time, someone could pull out or change their mind. People wanting to know more should wait until next week. That’s all I’ve got to say right now.
  • South Carolina joke candidate Alvin Greene • Regarding his apparent decision to run for an open South Carolina state House seat, which opened up after state Rep. Cathy Harvin died earlier this month. In case you’re wondering, the filing fee is a tad cheaper than the $10,500 he paid for his Senate run – a modest $165. So, even though he’s still throwing away money, he has a slightly more realistic chance at winning this time around. But like he said, someone could pull out or change their mind. (thanks Larry Crider) source

14 Nov 2010 16:03


Politics: Alvin Greene presidential run catches allies by surprise

  • I am at a loss for words to describe this new development.
  • Phil Bailey, director of the South Carolina State Senate Democratic Caucus • In reaction to Alvin Greene’s proclamation that he’s “seriously considering” running for President in 2012. After a surprise win in the Democratic primary earlier this year, Greene gave a bunch of interesting interviews, but lost by 34 points in the general. Donna Warren, president of the consulting firm that handled Greene’s recent failed Senate bid, reacted to the news: “Was he kidding you? Oh, wow, he didn’t tell us about that.”   source

10 Nov 2010 01:12


Politics: Fresh off (non-)victory, Alvin Greene wants Obama’s job in 2012

On the plus side, it’ll probably be cheaper for him to run. The filing fee for senate in South Carolina was $10,000; the fee for president in 2008 was $2,500. (Thanks Larry Crider) source

14 Oct 2010 23:52


Politics: Alvin Greene LOLs continue: Reporter victim of Greene’s rabbit ears

  • This clip is so fresh that it hasn’t made its way to YouTube at all. Until now (we just uploaded it). Our friend Larry Crider sends along this clip of Alvin Greene randomly showing up on a live newscast giving a reporter rabbit ears. He’s wearing a Greene for Senate shirt, by the way. In other news, Jim DeMint started the recession. (Update: We initially posted a longer version of the clip with much more context. Here’s the 30-second version, begging for views.) source

13 Oct 2010 10:34


Politics: Alvin Greene sticking to those talking points a little too much

  • So, Lawrence O’Donnell is our hero. Faced with the halting Alvin Greene on Monday night’s show, he starts off questioning by jokingly asking, “Are you a witch?” Given the opportunity to basically own the conversation, Alvin Greene completely flubs it, by answering that “DeMint started the recession.” He does the same thing for the next question. And the one after that. Dude, O’Donnell was throwing softballs your way. SOFTBALLS!  source

03 Oct 2010 10:58


Politics: Alvin Greene basically eating Jim DeMint’s dust in South Carolina

  • 64% of voters in South Carolina plan to vote for incumbent Jim DeMint
  • 21% plan to give their vote to socially inept accused sex offender (and unlikely candidate) Alvin Greene
  • 15%could conceivably vote for Alvin Greene, but probably won’t source
  • » Why this is bad for Democrats: Beyond the obvious “we’re going to lose a seat we expected to lose anyway” angle, Greene’s candidacy in South Carolina means that the influential far-right-leaning DeMint can spend his $4 million in funds on other things, such as, you know, propping up candidates who may not have the good fortune that he does.

15 Aug 2010 23:52


Politics: Max Headroom: Alvin Greene says stupid crap about aliens

  • Alvin Greene tops himself Oh boy. In this Fox News clip, radio host Keith Larson tackles the South Carolina senate candidate, who talked about illegal aliens on his show: “We wouldn’t want illegal aliens from Pluto or Mars taking advantage of our taxpayers too.”
  • Fox, obama see eye to eye?Strangely enough, on “Fox & Friends,” Obama did in fact get some support for his comments about the Ground Zero mosque. Maybe it wasn’t like the biggest thing in the world, but it definitely raised our eyebrows.
  • Social Security dems’ ace?Cenk Uygur (best known for his radio/YouTube work with The Young Turks), made a pretty sound point about the Democrats’ strongest arguing point in the midterms: Social Security. The ad at the beginning nails it.

13 Aug 2010 19:04


U.S.: It’s official: Mr. Candidate Alvin Greene could be Mr. Felony

  • bad Greene’s initial(ly hilarious) candidacy and surprising Democratic primary win was marred by (among other things) an arrest on pornography charges.
  • worseKnee-deep in campaign mode, Greene has been charged for the incident – one felony and one misdemeanor. Porn + Public office = Not a good mix. source

25 Jul 2010 22:22


Politics: Max Headroom: Alvin Greene has an official(ly supported) theme song

  • We miss Jake Tapper Jake Tapper’s last week headlining ABC News’ “This Week” was a bittersweet affair, and this interview with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie shows why Tapper was a natural at this. Christiane Amanpour, you have a lot to live up to.

  • Alvin Greene’s Rap While this video certainly makes it seem like Alvin Greene created it (and has an extreme LeBron James fetish) he didn’t. Doesn’t matter. His long-shot campaign needs whatever PR it can get right now, so why the heck not?

  • Howard Dean relevantBack in 2004, before that whole scream thing ruined his chances at the presidency, he was actually worth watching. Now, he’s on “Fox News Sunday” … calling Fox News racist for their Shirley Sherrod coverage. Welcome back, Howie!

13 Jul 2010 18:31


Politics: Speaking of the NAACP, they have Alvin Greene on tap. Yes, that one.

  • It’s his first public appearance in a bizarrely successful campaign. South Carolina’s Democratic nominee for the Senate will address the Manning chapter of the NAACP on Sunday. And he even has some support from the people who initially didn’t know who he was. “The word in the barbershop, the word on the street, the word in the church parking lots is that everyone is pulling for him,” said Manning NAACP President Robert Fleming. Great he has some support, but if he beats Jim DeMint, color us shocked. source