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19 Aug 2011 10:32


U.S.: Michael Bloomberg: Don’t put politics into Ground Zero ceremony

  • We’re trying to keep focus on families, and that’s where it belongs. This day is not above any of us, it’s about the families of 3,000-odd people who lost their lives 10 years ago.
  • NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg • Reacting to reports that nearby governors Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo were angling for bigger roles in the Ground Zero ceremony next month. Bloomberg just ain’t having it. And we support this line of reasoning entirely — leave the memorial for the people who felt it most directly. The governors can have their speeches later. source

30 Jul 2011 20:15


U.S.: Bush, Obama will be amongst first to check out 9/11 Memorial Plaza

  • Family members only will be allowed to walk onto the plaza, look at their loved ones’ names, look down into the voids. The first day it’s reserved for those family members who lost somebody on 9/11.
  • NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg • Describing the city’s plans for launching a 10th anniversary 9/11 memorial plaza at the Ground Zero site, which they’ve been working to get ready for such an event. Presidents Bush and Obama will take part, along with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, but amongst the general public, the first day will be limited to families of the victims involved in the attacks. After that, you’ll need to reserve a ticket ahead of time if you’d like to check out the memorial. source

16 Sep 2010 11:02


Politics: Should fired Koran-burner have lost his New Jersey state transit job?

Turns out that this dude, who burned pages of the Koran at Ground Zero for some reason, was a New Jersey state employee. And he was fired for his free-speech act. source

11 Sep 2010 10:44


U.S.: Nine years later: Politics kept out of 9/11 remembrance ceremony

Suggestion to everybody: Keep the politics out of it today, just like they did. Nobody wants to hear about it. We’re personally collectively sick of it. source

09 Sep 2010 10:05


Politics: “Ground Zero Mosque” Imam: Moving it could be much worse

  • Who this guy isThis is Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who recently pissed off a lot of people with his Park51 community center project, which some have lovingly called the “Ground Zero” mosque.

    His take on thingsMuch like Obama with the Koran-burning, he ties intolerance to fostering extremism. He says that blocking the center could fuel even more extremist violence. Is he right? Is he wrong? Good question. source

03 Sep 2010 13:11


Politics: Poll: The “Ground Zero Mosque” not popular even in NYC

  • 67% of New Yorkers
    think that Park51
    should be built elsewhere
  • 27% of New Yorkers think it should be built near Ground Zero
  • 6% undecided 
  • This post style is a little experimental, so if it breaks your browser, sorry. But let’s just say that the thought was there. But that said, this new New York Times poll definitely suggests the idea of the “Ground Zero Mosque” isn’t popular even in NYC. source

23 Aug 2010 21:09


Politics: Here’s what yesterday’s “Ground Zero Mosque” protests were like

  • Well, that sure makes the nature of yesterday’s protest seem all the more insane. This dude was just walking through and was accosted partly because 1) he was black and 2) he was wearing a hat that looked vaguely Islamic. He was nearly pulled into a fight and was forced to leave. WTF?

20 Aug 2010 18:51


20 Aug 2010 18:34


Politics: The real sticking point that Park51 is facing? Not controversy, money

  • They could have obviously done a lot better in explaining who they are if they really wanted to get approval. There’s a real question as to whether there’s money behind this.
  • New York publicist Ken Sunshine • Describing the real issue the “Ground Zero Mosque” is facing – and it’s purely logistical. They simply don’t have the money to build a $100 million community center. In fact, the group behind the development only raised $18,255 in 2008, the last statement available for them. The controversy isn’t helping, either, of course. “They are in the process of hiring an architect — but here’s the thing,” said Park51 spokesperson Oz Sultan, “you’re not going to get the architect or the engineer because they don’t want to be involved in this.” Wouldn’t it be funny if this was all over nothing? source

19 Aug 2010 22:10


Politics: NYC locals to outsiders on “Ground Zero Mosque”: Back off, OK?

  • First of all, this is real America. The people who detached themselves from New York are all of a sudden embracing New York.
  • New York Rep. Peter King • Criticizing his fellow Republicans for pushing the rhetoric against the Park51 building (a.k.a. the “Ground Zero Mosque”) way too far. King is against the building, but, like many people in the New York metro area, thinks that the controversy is being used to score political points rather than take a serious interest in a big NYC issue. Fellow Rep. Jerrold Nadler (who has been one of the center’s biggest supporters) agrees: “It’s disgusting. It is an attempt to exploit for purely political motives a sensitive issue. And to exploit people they obviously don’t really care about.” Well-put. source