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14 Oct 2010 23:52


Politics: Alvin Greene LOLs continue: Reporter victim of Greene’s rabbit ears

  • This clip is so fresh that it hasn’t made its way to YouTube at all. Until now (we just uploaded it). Our friend Larry Crider sends along this clip of Alvin Greene randomly showing up on a live newscast giving a reporter rabbit ears. He’s wearing a Greene for Senate shirt, by the way. In other news, Jim DeMint started the recession. (Update: We initially posted a longer version of the clip with much more context. Here’s the 30-second version, begging for views.) source

19 Jul 2010 20:50


Culture: 4chan turns 11-year-old girl into mush, has no effect on Gawker

  • dumb A poor 11-year-old girl started crying on YouTube because people on 4chan were trolling her in a way they only know how. She became a meme.
  • dumber Upset that Gawker called them out for it, 4chan tried to attack Gawker’s site … and failed. Worse than miserably. Serves you jerks right. source

21 Apr 2010 10:38


Culture: The downfall of the “Downfall” meme: Hitler won’t be happy, guys

  • Way to take the fun out of Hitler, guys. You’ve seen this meme probably a million times. (We know we have.) Anyway, the rise of the “Downfall” meme has hit a dead-end, after producers of the film started ordering clips from the film be taken down. Probably is, these clips are almost all across-the-board parodies of the original clip, where Hitler learns that he’s about to lose the war. Above is a super-meta clip that makes fun of the DMCA takedown notices. source

07 Nov 2009 14:32


Culture: Nerds freak out over a “Star Wars” Princess Leia bikini photo

  • On the left: Carrie Fisher. On the right: Her stunt double, who apparently was Paul Rudd. The year: 1983. The scene: Two bikini-clad “Star Wars” characters on the set of “Return of the Jedi,” sunbathing. This is the closest to nudity our blog has ever gotten. source

13 Jul 2009 10:58


Tech: Cornell researchers have tracked how Internet news memes blow up

  • 2.5 hours after a big story hits, it blows up on the blogosphere source

19 Jan 2009 02:15


Culture, Offbeat: Nothing is original, and we stole this too.

We admit, this screams “mission statement” for us at ShortFormBlog. And the Web in general. source