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07 Apr 2011 23:18


Offbeat: An April Fools’ Day prank so effective, we’re posting about it April 7th

  • If only all April Fools’ Day jokes were this successful. Our question: Who, seriously, would fall for such a thing? On April Fools’ Day, even? source

05 Mar 2011 18:50


Tech: Rock Paper Scissors: Can you top the New York Times’ robot?

  • Tied to that post we made about lawyers, the New York Times has a man-vs.-machine Rock Paper Scissors game up on their site. We’re evenly matched, as you can tell. And this was on the “hard” mode, by the way. source

13 Jan 2011 18:52


Tech: Chatroulette’s founder somehow makes naked men profitable

  • Everyday, about 50,000 new men are trying to get naked. What we’re doing is selling the naked men to a couple of websites – it’s an investment for us.
  • Chatroulette Founder Andrey Ternovskiy • Describing his plan to make his service, Chatroulette, profitable. Essentially, the naked men – a longstanding scourge of the video-chatting site – get parlayed off to sites like, where they’re making cash from referral traffic – $100,000 a month, unbelievably. “So, we’re actually getting revenue from naked men right now,” Ternovskiy says. Even though his site’s traffic has gone down considerably, he’s still making bank, because he’s smart. (from Fast Company’s sweet Tumblrsource

24 Sep 2010 13:30


Culture: Sesame Street smarts: Grover puts Katy Perry thing into perspective

  • Well played, Grover. Well, played. In response to the whole Katy Perry faux-cleavage scandal, Grover and Elmo showed up on “Good Morning America” this morning. Elmo promised another playdate with Perry, while Grover asked if his outfit was “too revealing.” You have the comic timing of a champ, Grover. source

05 Sep 2010 21:52


Tech: Is the new iPod Nano simply begging to be an iWatch?

9To5Mac came up with this use of the new iPod Nano, and it certainly makes a lot more sense in this context, doesn’t it? source

11 Aug 2010 23:09


Offbeat: Breakdown: Yesterday’s ultra-viral hoax featuring Jenny, a.k.a. Elyse

  • anyone fooled by this needs to try harder. Jenny, the employee who quit her job via dry-erase board, was proven to be a hoax today. But then again, it did fool some people. We’re actually not disappointed. Anyone who looked at those photos would wonder why the quality of them was basically perfect, like they had been shot in a studio. Because they had been. This hoax flew through the Internet in a matter of hours, which leaves a lot of questions about both the girl (real name: Elyse “I’m freaking famous now” Porterfield) and the traffic she drew. So, let’s throw out some numbers.
  • 20 girls applied to an ad looking for an actress for the role; Elyse was the obvious choice
  • two the number of hours the photo shoot took – half of which was spent on waiting for a battery to charge
  • 421,000 total Facebook shares (whoa)
  • 2.5Mthe amount of traffic usually gets each month
  • 2.5M the amount of traffic got yesterday alone
  • 2.5M the amount of traffic got today (at last count)
  • » How has it worked out for Elyse? Well … her Facebook fan page is brimming with new fans. Like, 4,100 or so. While she claims to have gotten more marriage proposals than job offers, she did get a few of those, too. She should do a commercial with the Old Spice Guy. source

10 Aug 2010 12:09


Offbeat: What is this young lady holding up on a whiteboard?

We guarantee you that 1) it’s funny, 2) she’s awesome and 3) she’s not a Farmville fan. Which makes our hearts swoon. source

04 Aug 2010 10:39


Politics: Slate breaks Sarah Palin’s Facbook Page comment deletion system

  • please dont let your daughter do a reality show : ( but i love your family and you ..hope thats just a rumor from the liberals.
  • A comment on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page • Which was subsequently deleted. Palin does this a lot – her Facebook page is immaculately vetted, something that seemed very likely to us when we noticed basically everyone on Palin’s Facebook page was pro-Sarah a couple of months ago. Palin’s staff deletes a lot of comments – good, bad, not really that bad at all – but fortunately for us, Slate devised a script that grabbed those comments so we could read them before they got deleted. Good show, guys. source

24 Jul 2010 23:46


U.S.: Litmus test: The NYT compares your views to the Supreme Court’s

  • Liberal or conservative? The New York Times has this awesome feature about the Supreme Court and how your opinion compares to the American public at large. OK, so they didn’t give Iowa’s flooding big play, but this almost makes up for it. Almost. source

21 Jul 2010 20:53


Tech: Flipboard: The iPad gets a well-designed (AND FAST) news aggregator

  • The thing we noticed with Pulse News Reader after using it for a month was that it got very slow eventually. Not so with Flipboard. This app, a social-media-focused iPad app, literally blazes on the iPad, making it feel like the most natural iPad news app out there. We seriously think they knocked this one out of the park. It’s currently the most popular free iPad app, and is so popular that they’re having trouble signing everybody up. That’s right, they have the digital version of a limited supply – they have API limitations. A good problem to have. source