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16 Dec 2011 11:58


Tech: A poorly-tended farm? Zynga IPO flops in first day of trading

  • Yet another reason we wish the internet was the real world. Remember when Facebook announced that it might, maybe, potentially, could see itself having an IPO in 2012? Well, Zynga, perhaps the biggest beneficiary of the Facebook ecosystem, has beaten them to the punch. The popular social gaming company’s shares are now available for the public to purchase. The “Farmville” company’s stock, listed as “ZNGA” and priced at $10 a share by the company, hasn’t had a particularly good morning, falling below its IPO price at one point. Currently, it sits at just over $10. Will the stock begin to lean in Groupon’s downward direction, or will it aim for Facebook status? source

10 Aug 2010 12:09


Offbeat: What is this young lady holding up on a whiteboard?

We guarantee you that 1) it’s funny, 2) she’s awesome and 3) she’s not a Farmville fan. Which makes our hearts swoon. source

25 Jul 2010 11:19


Tech: FYI: We hate this guy and everything he represents

Why? Because he’s Mark Pincus, the CEO of Zynga, and he wants to turn his Farmville-spouting company into the Google of games. Really. source

12 Jul 2010 21:18


Tech: Is Google betting the FarmVille on taking on Facebook?

  • what Apparently, Google’s making another play at taking on Facebook’s market, this time by latching onto FarmVille maker Zynga to make Google Games.
  • why Because people on Facebook play lots of FarmVille and Mafia Wars, and it could be a social networking in for Google, which had its Buzz flop recently. source

06 Apr 2010 10:51


Tech: Farmville sucks; do something else with your wasted time, jerks

  • lame People play Facebook games like Farmville as if it’s nobody’s business, wasting time and money on virtual plots that aren’t fun, just addictive and annoying.
  • not lame New startup Armchair Revolutionary, which launches today, has dreams of making games like Farmville that actually help the world. Godspeed! source

10 Dec 2009 21:21


Tech: Gamers apparently don’t mind sticking with the same old crap

  • 7.6% dip in all video games except for Farmville source

04 Dec 2009 18:26


Tech: Facebook has a virtual population larger than most countries

  • 350 million people are on Facebook – they hit the amazing mark this week
  • 69
    people are on Farmville – which is incredibly lame and pathetic source

02 Dec 2009 10:23


Tech: People actually play Facebook games, make their creators big bucks

  • 20
    people play FishVille, which only came out in November and relies on micropayments
  • $200 million the amount of money FishVille’s creator, Zynga, will likely make this year; REALLY? source