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07 Oct 2010 20:16


World: Things we’re glad we’re not doing: Digging sludge from the Danube

To our friends in Hungary: We feel really bad for what you’re going through. The scale of this environmental crisis is unspeakable. source

18 Sep 2010 12:25


Offbeat: Guy with appropriately huge nose catches Guinness’ scent

This guy has a bigger nose than anyone else. Which also means that he can smell you from a mile away. Take a shower, dude! Eww. source

02 Aug 2010 20:34


U.S.: Feds: The oil spill’s final tally is somewhere between a lot and A LOT

  • 5
    the number of barrels that U.S. scientists estimates came out of the Gulf Oil Spill
  • 3.3
    the number of barrels that reportedly came out of the next biggest oil spill –way back in 1979 source
  • Not perfect, but … While the oil spill certainly isn’t the easiest thing in the world to narrow down, but the federal science and engineering teams on the case claim their number is within ten percent. It’s the difference between huge and HUGE.

01 Aug 2010 11:12


World: Flooding in Pakistan reaching an immense level of devastation

  • 1,025+ people have been officially found dead in the flooding
  • 3,000 could be dead in the flooding when all is said and done source

21 Jul 2010 09:15


U.S.: Check out our massive breakdown of Congress’ spending habits

  • We spent a friggin’ month working on this. We sliced, diced and brought amazing context to Congressional expenditures (specifically the House – not the Senate, unfortunately), and now we’re happy to show you our multitude of hard work (and then some) for AOL News. How much did Congress spend on bottled water? And how much did they spend on Macs vs. PCs? Oh, and who buys more copies of The New York Times? We know the answers to all three. Thanks to the Sunlight Foundation for making this doable. source

19 Jul 2010 21:58


Tech: Based on the numbers alone, Tumblr is becoming the new Twitter

  • 6.25million visitors tumbling their logs each month
  • 4.5Mnumber of posts getting tumbled each day
  • 650,000 number of posts getting tumbled daily a year ago
  • 255M number of pageviews the tumblelogging site got in July 2009
  • 420M number of pageviews Tumblr had leaped to by November 2009
  • 1.5B number of pageviews they had in June; thanks John Mayer source
  • » Should we switch to Tumblr? Obviously, with its quickly-growing community, focus on functionality and expansion, dead-simple API and genius “reblog” function, this awesome platform appears to be where it’s at. Nothing against you, WordPress, but this whole fracas with the maker of the popular Thesis theme suggests that you should take a step back.

01 Jul 2010 10:52


U.S.: “A Whale” of an oil skimmer: The Gulf’s latest hope for oil cleanup

  • See this giant ship right here? It’s the world’s largest oil skimmer. “A Whale,” 10-story tall, 372-yard long behemoth of the high seas, is headed to the Gulf of Mexico to help out with the cleanup. (They need any help they can get.) This thang also has a number of vents that can suck up 21 million gallons of oil-drenched water daily. Will it work? Who knows?! source

04 Jun 2010 02:09


Tech: If we didn’t Kno any better, we’d think this tablet was fake

  • Remember the hype around the Microsoft Courier’s awesome dual-screen format? Well, what if you made it bigger. Not just bigger, comically large? Like you were carrying around the Ten Commandments with you everywhere? Then you’d have the Kno, which has a pretty cool interface despite its insanely huge 14.1-inch dual screens and $1000 price tag. Cut both by about half and you seriously could knock out the college bookstore mafia. (In other news, what the heck is going on in this uber-disturbing press photo?) source

10 May 2010 20:38


Biz, U.S.: BP’s oil-defeating costs getting higher, solutions getting dumber

  • $350
    the amount the Gulf spill has
    cost the oil company so far
  • golf
    balls (?!)
    one of the devices BP is considering to stop the leak source

07 May 2010 10:49


U.S.: How much oil is currently leaking in the Gulf of Mexico, anyway?

  • use this really cool embed to find out all you need to know about the oil leak, just add numbers source