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11 Jul 2011 14:28


Offbeat: Texas woman gives birth to really big baby

  • 16 pound baby born in Texas, setting new hospital record source
  • » Welcome to the world: A Texas woman named Janet Johnson gave birth to a big time baby today, a child she named JaMichael who weighs in at the astonishing number you see above. East Texas’ Longview hospital has already verified that he’s the biggest newborn baby they’ve delivered, and they’re looking to see if this is a state record as well — Guinness World Records claim the all-time largest newborn was a 23 pound baby born in Ohio in 1879, for what that’s worth..

18 Sep 2010 12:25


Offbeat: Guy with appropriately huge nose catches Guinness’ scent

This guy has a bigger nose than anyone else. Which also means that he can smell you from a mile away. Take a shower, dude! Eww. source

26 Aug 2010 20:13


Biz: American Airlines could pay huge fine for sucking at fixing wires

  • $24.2 million the size of the fine American Airlines faces for safety violations that led to the grounding of planes in 2008
  • 14,278 flights the number of flights 286 Boeing MD-80s made in violation of a 2006 directive regarding faulty wiring source
  • » Will American Airlines pay the full fine? Probably not. See, a similar fine involving Southwest Airlines was cut from $10.2 million to $7.5 million after the airline and the FAA butted heads. That was the biggest fine in airline history until this one.

25 Aug 2010 10:24


Biz: New home sales are straight-up in the crapper, too, guys

  • 12% the decline in new home sales in July, which is craptastic and as bad as yesterday’s number
  • 276,000 the annual rate in units – the lowest level since the data series started way back in 1963 source

05 Aug 2010 10:33


Biz: Mortgage rates are lower than they’ve ever been before

  • 4.49% blame the economy for this, guys source

30 Jul 2010 11:40


World: This month the deadliest ever for U.S. troops in Afghanistan

  • 63 U.S. soldiers died this month, topping June’s record source

28 Jun 2010 09:17


Tech: iPhone sales figures: Apple’s got it, so they’re gonna flaunt it

  • 1.7 million phones sold in just three days – that’s hot source

08 Jun 2010 10:47


Biz: Investors must be scared: Gold hits a record high value

  • $1,251 per ounce of pure, golden gold source

18 May 2010 10:59


Biz: Wal-Mart has insane quarterly revenues, just an FYI

  • $99.1
    the amount the super-retailer
    sold in revenues this quarter alone,
    a new record
  • $3.3
    the size of the company’s
    quarterly net profits (also a record); shares are up 2 percent source

11 May 2010 00:02


U.S.: Depressing: Food stamp usage continues to break records