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18 May 2010 10:59


Biz: Wal-Mart has insane quarterly revenues, just an FYI

  • $99.1
    the amount the super-retailer
    sold in revenues this quarter alone,
    a new record
  • $3.3
    the size of the company’s
    quarterly net profits (also a record); shares are up 2 percent source

04 Jun 2009 10:29


Biz, Politics: Why we all don’t want to work for Wal-Mart

  • 34 number of hours per week that constitute “full-time” at Wal-Mart; just about everywhere else, it’s 40
  • $17,114 amount of money, based on average hourly wage, that makes – still below the poverty line source

04 Jun 2009 10:25


Biz: Wal-Mart: Our new jobs will help the economy

  • During this difficult economic time, we’re proud to be able to create quality jobs for thousands of Americans this year.
  • Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Vice Chairman Eduardo Castro-Wright • On the company’s desire to create more jobs; many states will get boosts of 1,000 new jobs each. Sounds great, doesn’t it? • source

04 Jun 2009 10:11


Biz: Eventually, we’re all going to work at Wal-Mart

  • 22,000+ new jobs being created by the ultra-massive big box retailer this year
  • 33,800 jobs were created by both Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club last year source

14 May 2009 07:48


Biz: Wal-Mart’s profits stay almost exactly the same as a year ago

  • $3.02 billion in profits in both Q1 ’08 and Q1 ’09 source

01 Apr 2009 10:37


Biz: Have a Circuit City credit card? Best Buy is taking pity on you.

  • From one big-box store to another. As you might remember, Circuit City collapsed pretty spectacularly earlier this year – perhaps the biggest non-financial entity to fall apart due to the credit crisis. But they did have their hands in the financial cookie jar a little bit with store credit cards. Rather than let the cards just die, Best Buy will accept them starting in May. Not good, not bad, just ambivalent. source

20 Mar 2009 10:04


Biz: Whoa. Wal-Mart handed out AIG-style bonuses to the cashiers!

  • $933 million in bonuses were handed out by the mega-retailer. Unlike AIG, we want them to hand these out.
  • $667 per person the average cash bonus for each Wal-Mart employee – including part-timers at their stores. source

08 Mar 2009 19:49


Biz: We won’t use the “short circuit” pun with this Circuit City story

  • Oops, we just did. Anyway, their last day is today. The former mega-retailer, once a formidable force in electronics retail, just spent the last month and a half liquidating. They gave themselves until March 31, but finished early. So tonight, the lights go off for the last time on the retailer that wanted to be Best Buy, but wasn’t as good. source