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16 Feb 2011 16:08


Tech: This week in tempting fate: computers can now win Jeopardy

  • Meet our now-dormant overlord: Have you heard about this? This “Watson” guy is tearing up these two Jeopardy champions. With no hands to press the buzzer, to boot! source

06 Aug 2010 14:58


Music: Yoko did it: The Beatles not hitting iTunes anytime soon, kids

  • (Apple CEO) Steve Jobs has his own idea and he’s a brilliant guy. There’s just an element that we’re not very happy about, as people. We are holding out. Don’t hold your breath … for anything.
  • Yoko “Beatles Destroyer” Ono • On the idea of releasing the Beatles’ music on the iTunes Store. You know, this debate was funny when it was 2003 and buying music on the Internet was a new and exciting thing. But now it’s 2010. Just accept Apple’s terms, Yoko and company, before you miss out on your chance to be part of the online music revolution altogether. You’ve missed out on millions of dollars already. source

28 May 2010 11:00


Tech: iPad international launch: World catches up to lower 48

Sales to other countries were held off due to high U.S. demand, so now you jerks in Scotland will know how we felt when we ganked one two months ago. source

13 May 2010 11:25


Tech: Is Research in Motion working on an iPad-competing tablet?

  • YES and it tethers to your phone,
    unlike the iPad source

19 Mar 2010 11:35


Offbeat: Police keep messing with old couple because their computers suck

If this woman seems annoyed, it’s because she is. NYC police have raided her house 50 times since 2002 for no good reason other than a computer error. source

27 Jan 2010 20:39


U.S.: iPad: Some Tablet thing got everyone worked up today

  • On the scale of one to awesome, the iPad is pretty cool. The $499 starting price is reasonable, as is the data plan. The high-end of the scale is admittedly pretty high, but it is just a giant iPod Touch. Let’s not kid ourselves. But really, isn’t that what we wanted? source

18 Jan 2010 18:28


Tech, U.S.: January 27 promises to be the most exciting day we’ve ever seen

  • morning Apple announced a vaguely worded “special event” will take place on the morning of the 27th, which will likely be whatever this slate thingy is. Nerds are excited.
  • evening Obama, after nearly angering “Lost” fans by picking the day of the show’s season premiere, will have his State of the Union on the 27th. The GOP has their claws out.

08 Jan 2010 09:15


Tech: At CES, every company is obsessed with tablets for some reason

Enjoy your couple of weeks on top guys. Once Apple decides to release the new hotness, your machines will suffer bigger failures than the CrunchPad. source

14 Dec 2009 20:30


Tech: According to Nielsen, we’re a bunch of Web-addicted shut-ins

  • 66 hours of computer usage per person in November alone source

11 Dec 2009 12:24


Offbeat: Some guy thinks he’s clever, brings his typewriter to a lecture

  • Well, that’s one way to protest against jerks typing on their laptops during class. This kid brought his typewriter. And it was so loud that it annoyed the entire class. The lesson here, laptop jockeys? Type louder. This guy needs to be put in his place.