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03 Aug 2010 09:50


U.S.: The FBI thinks Wikipedia has no right to use its logo

  • The reasoningWikipedia puts logos on its various pages, often recreating them in a vector format in cases where the original is a low-resolution sample. Also, most things acquired by the U.S. government, from logos to photos to numerous other assets are designated public domain. Certain insignias, such as the FBI’s, however, are restricted for non-copyright reasons.

    The conflict This particular logo of the FBI led to Wikipedia’s offices getting a letter claiming that “Whoever possesses any insignia …or any colourable imitation thereof..shall be fined … or imprisoned … or both.” Considering that the seal is commonly used in other places, this seems like an odd source to attack. source

11 May 2010 00:02


U.S.: Depressing: Food stamp usage continues to break records

21 Apr 2010 10:27


Tech: Here’s a fun-looking heat map on Apple uptake in the U.S.

To our friends in D.C, NYC, L.A., Silicon Valley, Chicago and Colorado: You’ve officially been sucked in by the Apple borg. How’s it feel, anyway? source

11 Mar 2010 09:50


Culture: Does Corey Feldman think Corey Haim died of a drug overdose?

  • NO and Haim’s agent doesn’t
    think so, either source

14 Dec 2009 20:30


Tech: According to Nielsen, we’re a bunch of Web-addicted shut-ins

  • 66 hours of computer usage per person in November alone source

06 Dec 2009 12:04


Tech: Google Chrome’s new extensions look like they might just rule

Admit it, this was the one thing holding you back from using Chrome full-time. Well, here it is – extensions. The crowd goes wild. source

25 Oct 2009 13:47


Tech: Daily poll: The link between cancer and cell phone usage

  • Word on the street is that the World Health Organization is about to release a report linking long-term cell phone usage to higher levels of certain kinds of cancer. The study recommends restricting – but not banning – usage for children, and perhaps investing in some sort of hands-free setup. Which leads to the question – would you cut back on heavy cell phone usage if you knew it was cancerous? It seems that, unlike cigarettes, they have an essential use, so we couldn’t seem them going away. But what do you think? Vote above. source

22 Oct 2009 22:09


Tech: It only took twenty years for near-complete cell phone adoption

  • 85% of Americans have cell phones; it’s not higher? source

20 Oct 2009 22:22


Tech: With net neutrality, could tiered internet make a comeback?

  • ISPs who can’t cap bandwidth may charge for traffic. With net neutrality looking more and more likely by the day, we may find ourselves returning to the days of paying for traffic based on usage. Consumers don’t want it, but companies like Time Warner and Comcast say that the cost of bandwidth, mixed with heavy usage of BitTorrent or popular video sites, may force it. We think that it’s probably going to happen, simply because they can’t fight the tide of Hulu forever. source

26 Jun 2009 18:08


Tech: Mythbuster Adam Savage is trying to bust the myth of his AT&T bill

  • $11,000 amount Savage was charged on his most recent AT&T bill for data usage in Canada
  • 9 gigs amount of data AT&T claims the Mythbuster downloaded in a few hours; he denies this. source