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09 Aug 2011 20:46


Music, Tech: Spotify slowly wins over America, one invite at a time

  • 1,400,000 number of Americans on Spotify, the all-you-can-eat music service that came to the U.S. last month
  • 175,000 of them pay for subscription; that’s 12.5% of the invite-only U.S. users, which is impressive source

16 Sep 2010 10:46


Politics: Poll: Sarah Palin and Tea Party not all that well-liked

  • 46% of Americans don’t really like Sarah Palin all that much
  • 33%don’t know what to think about the ultra-influential Palin
  • 21% of Americans have a favorable view of Sarah Palin source
  • » The Tea Party’s in a similar boat: In fact, the Modern Tea Party has an even smaller favorability rating, with just 19 percent of people giving them a thumbs-up. But as proven this week, they have the power to win primaries. And it’s not like Congress has spectacularly high approval ratings, either, guys.

02 Sep 2010 11:18


World: Tony Blair’s memoirs really freaking popular for some reason

  • People care about what Tony Blair has to say. Well, at least in the U.K., the U.S. and Canada. In the U.K., the book is breaking sales records, and is currently the fastest-selling autobiography in publisher Waterstone’s history. In the U.S. and Canada, it’s also making a killing. While Waterstone isn’t naming exact numbers yet, they’ve called the success of “A Journey” unprecedented. Not bad for a former prime minister. source

24 Jul 2010 10:31


Tech: Say what you will about Microsoft, but Windows 7 is a cash cow

  • 10 copies of Windows 7 sold every single minute
  • 25M copies sold in the last 29 days alone
  • 175M copies sold since it first launched source

21 Jul 2010 20:53


Tech: Flipboard: The iPad gets a well-designed (AND FAST) news aggregator

  • The thing we noticed with Pulse News Reader after using it for a month was that it got very slow eventually. Not so with Flipboard. This app, a social-media-focused iPad app, literally blazes on the iPad, making it feel like the most natural iPad news app out there. We seriously think they knocked this one out of the park. It’s currently the most popular free iPad app, and is so popular that they’re having trouble signing everybody up. That’s right, they have the digital version of a limited supply – they have API limitations. A good problem to have. source

28 Jun 2010 09:17


Tech: iPhone sales figures: Apple’s got it, so they’re gonna flaunt it

  • 1.7 million phones sold in just three days – that’s hot source

13 Jun 2010 21:19


Culture: Jaden Smith’s “Karate Kid” rendition on track to top the original

  • 6.2x bigger box office than “The Next Karate Kid” already
  • $56M the amount the new “Karate Kid” movie made this weekend
  • 140% the amount of the film’s budget it made back in its first weekend
  • 61% the amount of film’s total take compared to the first “Karate Kid” source

31 May 2010 10:27


Tech: Apple’s iPads are selling like flat glass and aluminum hotcakes

  • 2 million sold in just 60 days; they’re totally just showing off source

23 May 2010 21:21


Culture: Britney Spears makes “Dude, Where’s My Car” guy look unpopular

  • 4,938,301 Ashton Kutcher’s current Twitter follower count; he knows all of them personally
  • 4,940,414 Britney Spears’ current follower count; she came out of nowhere to take the lead source

22 May 2010 17:05


Music: Rapper Drake: I’m not a legend yet, but it’d sure be nice

  • That’s the most flattering thing in the world but at the same time, real, legendary status can’t be dictated by the people who are still here witnessing it.
  • Rapper Drake • On being calling a legend, already, before his first full album has come out. Dude’s riding a pretty large wave of hype right now, one that promises to only get larger as “Thank Me Later” comes out next month. Why the hype? Part of it is his everyman approach to rap. In his rhymes, he comes across as an average guy who just happened to become famous, a dude who says he didn’t cry when Tupac died but will when Jay-Z does. He’s not ready yet but he’s looking forward to getting there: “I’m young. I’m 23. This is too soon. I really want to grow and be that guy.” Not bad for the guy in the wheelchair on “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” source