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13 Jun 2011 18:02


Politics: Ferris Bueller 2: Reality or pipedream?

  • “Another Day Off”: Apparently there’s a screenwriter named Rick Rapier who wrote a spec script for a Ferris Bueller sequel, and he’s been shopping it around for years. He claims via Twitter that it’s taking off, though it’s impossible to know if he’s telling the truth or not — what details of the script we’ve heard don’t exactly inspire us, frankly. Apparently Ferris is a mega-rich motivational speaker with a private jet, and former principal Ed Rooney is his stalker. This sounds suspiciously like one of the major criticisms of The Hangover 2; namely, that the sequel is just setting up a façade to have the same plot happen again. Also, considering Ed Rooney actor Jeffrey Jones is now a convicted sex offender, that character may not play like the enjoyably sinister villain anymore. source

13 Jun 2010 21:19


Culture: Jaden Smith’s “Karate Kid” rendition on track to top the original

  • 6.2x bigger box office than “The Next Karate Kid” already
  • $56M the amount the new “Karate Kid” movie made this weekend
  • 140% the amount of the film’s budget it made back in its first weekend
  • 61% the amount of film’s total take compared to the first “Karate Kid” source

30 May 2010 16:31


Culture: “Sex and the City 2’s” box office way off from the first movie

  • 90% of the people in the audience for
    “Sex and the City 2” were women
  • shrek the only force more powerful
    than those women source

27 May 2010 22:16


Culture: “Sex and the City 2” on the fast track to winning lots of Razzies

  • » The lesson to take from this: Don’t make comedies in deserts. It never works. The cast of Ishtar knows this fact all too well, guys.

19 May 2010 22:16


Culture: Will Megan Fox return to the Transformers franchise?

  • NO and if Shia LaBoeuf were smart, he’d quit too source

08 May 2010 18:06


Culture: “Iron Man 2” a massive hit, critical acclaim or no critical acclaim

  • $52.4
    the amount the superhero film
    made on Friday alone
  • $135
    the amount the film could make
    this weekend source

07 May 2010 11:13


Culture: “Iron Man 2” can’t keep up the luster of the original

  • 57 the second film’s disappointing Metacritic score source

22 Nov 2009 12:11


Culture: “New Moon” is about to kick some “Twilight” box office @$$

  • $140.7 million “Twilight: New Moon”‘s weekend box-office take – the third highest opening weekend ever and significantly above expectations
  • $193 million The original “Twilight”‘s entire box office take – a total “New Moon” should break by complete accident at this point source

21 Nov 2009 11:19


Culture: New Moon’s record day: A bunch of vampires look pretty self-satisfied

$26.3 million in midnight showings alone. Over $70 million in first day sales anticipated. Both records. Is there anything this movie can’t do to annoy us? source

29 Oct 2009 20:25


U.S.: Henry Louis Gates and James Crowley have another Beer Summit

  • No Obama was needed this time. “River Gods” in Cambridge is now a vapid landmark. Back in July, a much simpler time for our country, the president got in the middle of a festering racial tussle between Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates and police officer James Crowley. It became a massive, unlikely news story – the president drinking a beer with a couple of guys he built a media controversy around. At the time, the professor and the cop said they might meet up again. They appeared to do so last night at a Cambridge pub called “River Gods,” which we’re sure is loving the press. source