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17 May 2010 22:16


Culture: If nothing else, “Iron Man 2” as cool costumes. How were they made?

Both Iron Man and Whiplash are wearing armor suits created using top-of-the-line 3D printing technology. It’s not CGI, but it’s damn awesome. source

08 May 2010 18:06


Culture: “Iron Man 2” a massive hit, critical acclaim or no critical acclaim

  • $52.4
    the amount the superhero film
    made on Friday alone
  • $135
    the amount the film could make
    this weekend source

07 May 2010 11:13


Culture: “Iron Man 2” can’t keep up the luster of the original

  • 57 the second film’s disappointing Metacritic score source

04 Oct 2009 11:44


Culture: Disney could kill (or improve) your neighborhood comic book shop

  • The industry still has to make new inroads if it’s to survive – from distribution right down to the corner comic shop. I have no doubt that Disney may bring in a different distribution model.
  • “Iron Man” writer Bob Layton • Describing the limited market and distribution of the comic book industry in the context of Disney’s recent purchase of Marvel Comics. Disney might push for a more Barnes & Noble-friendly approach to the print products. Layton goes further: “A large number of comic shops in America are dingy, poorly managed venues, akin to porn shops.” And they’re run by this guy. • source

03 May 2009 20:10


Culture: Box office: “Wolverine” was pretty good, but it was no “Iron Man”

  • $87 million the box-office take for the critic-proof “Wolverine” – that’s better than expected
  • $98.6 million the box-office take of last year’s well-liked summer opener, “Iron Man” source