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16 Aug 2011 20:32


U.S.: Ron Paul cops a move from T-Paw’s playbook

  • Tim Pawlenty may no longer be running for president, but his influence on the race continues to be felt. If you don’t believe us, check out this new Ron Paul commercial, which mimics Pawlenty’s wonderful Michael Bay-style campaign ads. Paul’s take is admittedly a bit more toned-down, but the general approach is the same–trick young (or disengaged) voters into thinking they’re watching a movie trailer, then flip it on ’em and start pitching the candidate. This ad appeals to electability, making the spurious claim that only Ron Paul can defeat President Obama in the general election. It’s an attempt to widen his appeal, which is devoted (to say the least), but still rather narrow. source

04 Jul 2011 09:37


Culture: “Transformers 3”: Did Michael Bay rip off his OWN movie?

  • Did Michael Bay steal footage from himself? The proof is in this clip, which shows that two action scenes in the movies — “Transformers 3” and the 2005 semi-unsuccessful flick “The Island” — look exactly the same. This is a big deal because Bay has been pushing the film as a great example of 3D filmmaking that doesn’t use any 3D conversion. The reality? The dude’s so terrible at filming action scenes that he has to take the good ones and reuse them. (Oh, and something about a girl getting injured on the set … using her as an excuse? What?) Lame. source

21 Mar 2011 11:02


Politics: Woot: Tim Pawlenty announcing presidential exploratory committee

  • Great work, T-Paw. No, we’re not talking about your announcing of a presidential exploratory committee, which you’re probably going to announce on your Facebook page later today. (He’ll be the second GOPer exploring a presidency, after Herman Cain.) No. We’re talking about you allowing us to link to these videos again. If you run for president, we expect a new video, done in a similar style, once every week. You could buy Michael Bay and give him a position in your cabinet with the amount of fundraising you could garner with a move like that. source

06 Mar 2011 21:34


Culture: Michael Bay: “Transformers 2” “was crap.” Good, we agree with you

  • The real fault with (Transformers 2) is that it ran into a mystical world. When I look back at it, that was crap. The writers’ strike was coming hard and fast. It was just terrible to do a movie where you’ve got to have a story in three weeks.
  • Michael Bay • Blaming the writers’ strike for the awfulness that is “Transformers 2.” Bay has previously taken credit for how bad the movie was, but he’s never gone so far as to call the film crap. Next up: Bay will atone for the sins of “Pearl Harbor.” Or not. source

24 Feb 2011 23:38


Politics: Tim Pawlenty 2: Revenge Of The Fallen

  • Tim Pawlenty has another “Transformers”-esque video out, this one rallying support for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. As with his last masterpiece, this movie trail–err, web ad employs shaky archival footage, inspirational words from T-Paw, and an ominous soundtrack implying that the end of the world might be upon us…unless, of course, a savior blesses us with his presence. Perhaps a folksy, Midwestern savior? One with a sometimes-mullet and really hot wife? source

24 Jan 2011 21:53


Politics: Tim Pawlenty casts self in “Independence Day” sequel

  • Poor Tim Pawlenty. For reasons we’ve never fully understood, he got pigeonholed early on as 2012’s “bland” candidate (“blandidate,” if you will), and despite his best efforts, he can’t seem to shake that label for some stupid reason. So what’s the most rational way for Pawlenty to fix this? If you didn’t answer, “release an ad for his book that looks like a Michael Bay trailer,” you’re clearly a moron. In terms of movie-ness, this commercial makes Palin’s Mama Grizzlies video look like a Mike Gravel ad.  source

19 May 2010 22:16


Culture: Will Megan Fox return to the Transformers franchise?

  • NO and if Shia LaBoeuf were smart, he’d quit too source

26 Jun 2009 03:34


Culture: First “Jon & Kate,” now “Transformers”: Why, America, why?

  • $60 million on Wed. for the worst film until “Transformers 3” source

24 Jun 2009 09:14


Culture: Evidence “Transformers 2” is gonna be an ironic classic

  • one The latest film has an unbeatable score – a whopping 22% – on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • two It’s directed by joke of a man Michael Bay, so you know it’s gotta be … uh … good.
  • three Roger Ebert describes it as “a horrible experience of unbearable length.”
  • four His one-star review goes on further to say, “This isn’t a film so much as a toy tie-in.”
  • five Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf might make out on Bumblebee’s hood again. source