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19 Sep 2010 11:17


Offbeat: Manhattan sandwich shop makes best of “B” rating

If you can’t “B” the best, you might as well fake it. Which is what Manhattan sandwich shop Cer Té did. They added the letters “EST” to their safety inspection grade. source

08 Feb 2010 10:48


Music: Hot Chip’s new album gets the band more Pitchfork love than ever

  • 8.4 the rating of “One Life Stand,” which may blow them up source

Previous Pitchfork ratings

  • 7.0 the rating of their breakthrough to mainstream popularity, “Made in the Dark” source
  • 8.1 the rating of second platter “The Warning,” which they call a “step forward” source
  • 8.0 the rating of first album “Coming on Strong,” which was a tad bit cheeky source

26 Jan 2010 10:34


Music: Pitchfork throws out a make-them-famous rating for Beach House

25 Nov 2009 11:55


Tech: Magic Mouse praise: “It’s the first Apple mouse that doesn’t suck”

Despite the fairly high praise, Wired doesn’t claim it’s absolutely perfect, as they only gave it a 7 out of 10. Why? It doesn’t do Expose and Spaces. Lame. source

25 Nov 2009 11:43


Music: It’s Pitchfork reviewing Animal Collective. You know the score.

  • 8.9 for their new EP, “Fall Be Kind”; they’re on a roll source

14 Nov 2009 12:25


Biz: Wal-Mart’s supplier credit-rating program genius, say smart people

  • I would expect a retailer’s credit quality always to be taken into account when a firm is lending money against that retailer’s receivables. If a vendor is owed the money by Wal-Mart that is very different than if a vendor is owed the money by [bankrupt] Linens N Things, for example.
  • GimmeCredit analyst Carol Levenson • Describing how Wal-Mart’s new policy, which allows suppliers to get credit on the back of the company’s very strong credit rating, is genius. Obviously, not every supplier can count on retailers to bail them out like this. But many are in a position to do the same thing, including Target, Kohl’s, TJX Cos. (the parent of TJMaxx, Marshall’s and other similar stores), Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walgreens. Considering that suppliers are likely in the tank in this economy, this could save them. • source

13 Oct 2009 10:01


U.S.: The California legislature even less-loved than Schwartzenegger

  • 13% approval rating for the clogged-up state legislature source

21 Aug 2009 11:53


Culture: “Inglourious Basterds” has good, not glourious reviews. Basterds.

  • 70 its current rating on Metacritic; some adore it, some hate it source

08 Aug 2009 10:35


Culture: “G.I. Joe” wasn’t screened. Now critics have seen it, say it sucks

  • 38% the action flick’s current Rotten Tomatoes rating source

06 Aug 2009 09:26


U.S.: Obama’s poll numbers are currently sinking like a stone

  • -7% decline in Obama’s approval rating since his 100th day source