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03 Sep 2010 18:56


Politics: Alaskans prefer Kenyan Socialist with funny name to Sarah Palin

  • 37% Sarah Palin’s approval rating in Alaska
  • 44% Barack Obama’s approval rating in Alaska source
  • » Who would have thought that abandoning your state halfway through your term as Governor might make your constituents dislike you? Also in that poll: Only 6% of Alaskans like Levi Johnston, and residents with positive feelings about Palin are twice as likely to believe they can see Russia from their houses as those who dislike her.

25 Apr 2010 09:26


Tech, World: Question: Is the iPad banned in Israel anymore?

  • NO customs came to their senses, approved the tablet source

12 Apr 2010 09:58


Tech: Update: Opera’s iPhone app (unsurprisingly) not approved yet

  • 20 days and counting for the
    Web browser, kids source

16 Jan 2010 13:16


World: Third time a charm? Karzai’s second attempt at a cabinet rejected

  • 7 of Karzai’s 17 minister picks got approved; the rest, failures source

13 Oct 2009 10:01


U.S.: The California legislature even less-loved than Schwartzenegger

  • 13% approval rating for the clogged-up state legislature source

26 Aug 2009 01:35


Tech: Poll: Wikipedia’s about to limit edits to the site. Should they?

  • It’s for the common good or something. The New York Times reported yesterday that that big, crazy experiment in knowledge, Wikipedia, is about to make some big changes to its policy. Within a few weeks, the user-edited encyclopedia will have an extra layer of editing for articles on living people – a volunteer with a lot of time on their hands will approve each edit. It’s not too unlike what they do for really popular articles like Britney Spears or Barack Obama, except expanded to EVERY living person. What do you think – is this a road they should go down? Vote above. source

06 Aug 2009 09:26


U.S.: Obama’s poll numbers are currently sinking like a stone

  • -7% decline in Obama’s approval rating since his 100th day source

23 Apr 2009 21:44


U.S.: Our two-second analysis of the latest Obama poll

  • 23% think Obama is the greatest thing since bread was sliced and put into bags
  • 33% think Obama is a pretty awesome guy who knows what he’s doing in D.C.
  • 23% think Obama isn’t amazing, but they don’t think he sucks at job either
  • 9% think Obama is lame and wish he wasn’t president because he smells
  • 11% hate Obama with the raging fire of a thousand burning teabags source

23 Jan 2009 20:47


U.S.: “Hugely significant”: First human embryonic stem cell trials approved

  • It’s hugely significant in the sense that it’s the first approval of a human embryonic stem cell trial. In this week of hope and change, it feels even better.
  • Amy Rick • president of Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research, on the first approved trials of embryonic stem cells. Some believe that Obama’s inauguaration is directly tied to the approval; others don’t want to give him sole credit • source

17 Jan 2009 09:43


Music, U.S., World: Bush’s peak and nadir with the public

  • 90% Bush’s approval rating right after Sept. 11, 2001 – a record, by the way
  • 20% Bush’s approval rating in November – that’s also a record, by the way