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26 Dec 2010 12:15


Politics: Robert Gibbs: Obama’s cabinet likely to stay mostly the same

  • I think we’ve had a very capable and good cabinet that has helped move the president’s agenda forward.
  • Obama’s Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs • Emphasizing that there shouldn’t be major changes to the cabinet on the horizon, despite the departure of at least one major figure, top economic adviser Larry Summers (he’s stepping down). However, not all reports agree with that assessment. Among other things Gibbs said on “State of the Union”: Obama is likely to run in 2012, though he hasn’t made it official yet, and he offered hope that the GOP would work more with Democrats in the upcoming session, referring to the “cranky bipartisanship” that the successful lame-duck session wrought. source

20 May 2010 11:02


Politics: The White House ready to accept Joe Sestak as one of their own

  • You have the whole world telling him he’s crazy to do this. It’s pretty remarkable when you can stand up against those odds and take on the longest-serving senator in Pennsylvania history.
  • Campaign Group founder Neil Oxman • Regarding Senate candidate Joe Sestak, who his media company made much-heralded commercials for. Sestak, two days after winning against Arlen Specter, is currently getting loved and appreciated by the Obama administration, which backed Specter’s campaign to the point where they reportedly offered Sestak a position in the cabinet if he was willing to quit the campaign. Now, they’re willing to give him a chance. He proved his worth. Sestak won against the odds. source

16 Jan 2010 13:16


World: Third time a charm? Karzai’s second attempt at a cabinet rejected

  • 7 of Karzai’s 17 minister picks got approved; the rest, failures source

09 Jan 2010 13:56


World: Hamid Karzai’s cabinet selection could use fewer broken plates

  • 1st try The Afghan leader submitted 24 names to the parliament last week. 17 were rejected. Wait, you mean they’re not in his pocket? Who forgot to bribe them?
  • 2nd try Karzai’s second list, submitted today, is “a little better than the previous one – not a lot, but a little,” according to one critical Parliament member. Ouch. source

05 Jun 2009 10:13


World: Gordon Brown is dreaming of ways to make himself look better

Everyone’s favorite British PM under fire is shaking up his cabinet in an attempt to get past his sucky week. Good luck, brah. source

25 Apr 2009 09:25


U.S., World: Hilary Clinton tries to look at the bright side of the Iraq attacks

  • I think the suicide bombings … are, in an unfortunately tragic way, a signal that the rejectionists fear that Iraq is going in the right direction.
  • Secretary of State Hilary Clinton • On her reasoning for the sudden rise in attacks in Iraq late this week. We’re not sure if this is a good thing. • source

20 Apr 2009 09:47


U.S.: Obama orders his cabinet to cut fat out of their diets

  • $100 million in budget cuts in 90 days; we suggest Atkins source

10 Feb 2009 10:06


U.S.: Treasury secretary: “American people have lost faith”

  • Our challenge is much greater today because the American people have lost faith in the leaders of our financial institutions, and are skeptical that their government has – to this point – used taxpayers’ money in ways that will benefit them.
  • Timothy F. Geithner • Treasury secretary, who will announce a bailout plan for the banks today. • source

03 Feb 2009 23:03


U.S.: Obama ditches Tom Daschle – AND he takes the blame

  • Did I screw up in this situation? Absolutely. I’m willing to take my lumps.
  • Barack Obama • in an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams, on that Tom Daschle guy, who had to pay a ton in back taxes recently – a fact that came out when he was being vetted for Secretary of Health and Human Services • source

02 Feb 2009 09:24


U.S.: Tom Daschle + back taxes = the inevitable apology to Congress

  • I apologize for the errors and profoundly regret that you have had to devote time to them.
  • Tom Daschle • the former Senate Majority Leader who is nominated for secretary of Health and Human Services, on having to pay $128,000 in back taxes. He wrote this in a letter to the Senate Finance Committee, who has yet to approve him. *forehead slap* • source