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03 Nov 2010 10:43


Politics: Bipartisanship: Harry Reid promises things will be different this time

  • We know that the Republicans of this last Congress picked up the name ‘The Party of No.’ I think that Democrats have to work with Republicans, and Republicans have to work with Democrats. It’s not a one-sided deal.
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid • Promising to offer more opportunities for collaboration with the more-evenly-divided Senate and Republican-leaning House. Reid continues: “We need to stop using words like ‘chastened’ and I think what we have to do is recognize that all of us, all of us who are going to be in Senate, have to work together. That’s the message from the American people.” There’s a difference between Harry saying it and it actually happening. Remember that, dudes. source

03 Nov 2010 01:08


Politics: Fox News on Sharron Angle: Her loss leads to Tea Party questions

  • This is a race where there’s going to be a lot of Monday Morning Quarterbacking regarding the Tea Party.
  • Fox News analyst Carl Cameron • Bringing some perspective to the whole Harry Reid/Sharron Angle situation. As Cameron notes, the seat seemed likely to turn GOP … until Angle became the nominee. Reid was that unpopular in Nevada. But Angle proved to be a very weak competitor (even though she was in it until the end), meaning that Reid gets another six years, as well as another run at Senate Majority Leader. Honestly, this was the biggest loss of the night for the GOP, and one that they can attribute directly to Tea Party influence. source

29 Oct 2010 11:32


Politics: If Harry Reid loses Tuesday, we could call it “historic,” guys

  • 58 years since an incumbent Senate Majority Leader was voted out source

18 Aug 2010 11:18


Politics: Harry Reid’s survival tactic: He just plans to let Sharron Angle talk

  • Reid had no chance to win before. He has a shot to win now. He could still lose, but I have to say he is favored.
  • Nevada Republican Senate primary candidate Danny Tarkanian • Explaining why Sharron Angle has given Reid a chance to survive his primary. And Reid is taking full advantage: “Our focus groups that we’ve done, my staff tells me this — her statements, they can’t believe that anyone would say that,” Reid said. “That’s why most of our TV just has her talking.” Because you can’t top people saying stupid things as entertainment. source

16 Aug 2010 20:21


Politics: Ground Zero saga: Harry Reid throws Obama under the mosque

  • The First Amendment protects freedom of religion. Sen. Reid respects that but thinks that the mosque should be built some place else.
  • Sen. Harry Reid’s spokesman, Jim Manley • In a message regarding the Senate Majority Leader’s stance on the not-really-Ground-Zero mosque. Reid’s comments show the senator being pulled from two different directions. While he’s Obama’s best bud, he’s also under heavy attack from Sharron Angle in Nevada, who dared Reid to have a stance on the issue. He did. And now Obama is screwed. source

04 Aug 2010 10:27


Politics: Poll: Nevada’s Senate race leaning in Harry Reid’s direction

  • 48% think it’s better to lean on the Senate Majority Leader
  • 44% plan to vote for the interview-shy Tea Partier Sharron Angle
  • 8% honestly can’t wait to see what stupid crap Angle says next source

16 Jul 2010 10:40


Politics: Nevada Senate poll: Sharron Angle no match for Harry Reid

  • 44% of those polled plan to vote for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
  • 37% plan instead to vote for Modern Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle
  • 19% plan to vote for neither, someone else, or are undecided source

15 Jun 2010 23:06


Politics: Mitch McConnell on Obama’s speech: Don’t bring up climate change

  • Every day seems to bring more bad news about the size and scope of this crisis, and reversing that trend should be the president’s priority. The White House may view this oil spill as an opportunity to push its agenda in Washington, but Americans are more concerned about what it plans to do to solve the crisis at hand.
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell • Emphasizing that climate change that Obama anchored tonight’s address on didn’t actually do anything about the problem currently on the ground. Which, let’s admit it, is both true and what Mitch was going to say. We don’t disagree with him but think the issues aren’t so clear-cut. source

22 May 2010 13:41


Politics: Mitch McConnell’s Senate leadership hasn’t been tea-stained, yet

  • Dude has been keeping a tally of who supports his leadership in the GOP. With dozens of names already ticked off, nobody has said no, not even candidates who appear fundamentally against his style of leadership, such as Sen. Jim DeMint. That Rand Paul win in Kentucky hasn’t hurt him yet. “The people of our caucus want him leading,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, DeMint’s more moderate counterpart in South Carolina. “He has my confidence. I think he has the confidence of the conference. He has done a good job with 41 people.” source

29 Apr 2010 10:28


Politics: Is Harry Reid pondering what we’re pondering?

The Senate Majority Leader can’t seem to make up his mind – first climate change was coming first, then immigration, now it’s climate change again. source