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05 Sep 2011 11:05


Politics: Obama on Irene cleanup: “We are going to meet our federal obligations”

  • As president of the United States I want to make it very clear that we are going to meet our federal obligations because we are one country. When one part of the country gets affected, whether it’s a tornado in Joplin, Missouri or a hurricane that affects that eastern seaboard, then we come together as one country and make sure that everybody gets the help that they need.
  • President Barack Obama • Speaking about the need for federal disaster funding during a visit to Irene-ravaged New Jersey yesterday. This is an issue as a result of some stuff Eric Cantor said last week, suggesting that federal funding of disaster cleanup would only happen by cutting matching funding elsewhere. We like the point The Bergen Record’s Mike Kelly makes about this: “Memo to conservatives: You make good points about the need for America to get serious about government spending. But this is not a John Wayne western, with steel-eyed gunfighters making black-and-white decisions about life and death.” Conservatives are right on a surface level on this — we need to cut spending — but get down to the nitty-gritty and it’s simply not clear-cut. source

28 Jan 2011 13:30


World: Newspaper: Egyptian protesters cleaning up after themselves

  • Witnesses saw demonstrators cleaning up the streets of Downtown which were filled with stones, papers and fire remnants.
  • A note from independent Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm • Undercutting the view that Egyptian protesters are violent and radical by noting that they’re actually cleaning up their messes. (thanks NYT) source

20 Nov 2010 11:14


World: Haitian workers take on the cholera problem head-on. (Eww.)

Well, that’s one way to stop the cholera problem. This guy jumps into Port-au-Prince’s disgusting canals to clean them out. By hand. Uh, thanks, man. source

28 Jun 2010 21:36


U.S.: Oil spill: A lot of people (especially workers) are getting sick

  • 162 cases of illness due to the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster
  • 128 are oil rig workers or assisting in the spill’s cleanup source
  • » What did they get? The most common illnesses were things like throat irritation, shortness of breath, cough, eye irritation, nausea and headaches – considering all the oil around, this seems totally understandable.

20 Jun 2010 10:57


U.S.: Kevin Costner’s “dream machine” ready to clean up lots of oil

  • At its core, my dream, this machine, was designed to give us a fighting chance to fight back the oil that has got us by the throat.… When you are in a fight, anybody knows you go to confront it right where it is. You don’t wait for it to come to your door.
  • Actor Kevin Costner • Unveiling the V20 device his company, Ocean Therapy Solutions, developed to separate oil from water. Unlike hay, Costner’s device could have a real impact on the spill if it works – each device is capable of separating about 210,000 gallons of oil from water per day, or 5,000 barrels of oil. He sold 32 of these devices to BP, meaning they could separate up to 160,000 barrels of oil per day. If this actually works, Kevin Costner will have totally made up for “The Postman.” source

15 Jun 2010 23:06


Politics: Mitch McConnell on Obama’s speech: Don’t bring up climate change

  • Every day seems to bring more bad news about the size and scope of this crisis, and reversing that trend should be the president’s priority. The White House may view this oil spill as an opportunity to push its agenda in Washington, but Americans are more concerned about what it plans to do to solve the crisis at hand.
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell • Emphasizing that climate change that Obama anchored tonight’s address on didn’t actually do anything about the problem currently on the ground. Which, let’s admit it, is both true and what Mitch was going to say. We don’t disagree with him but think the issues aren’t so clear-cut. source

23 May 2010 10:57


World: Thailand’s lending a hand to help get Bangkok all cleaned up

With the worst of the Red Shirt conflict over, people are helping clean up Bangkok by the thousands. The country’s stock exchange will reopen Monday. source

19 May 2010 23:49


U.S.: Louisiana’s wetlands drenched in oil, regulatory failure

Gov. Bobby Jindal on the oil: “We’ve got to stop this cancer from spreading [and] we’d much rather fight it on these coastal barrier islands than inland.” Well-put. source

16 May 2010 12:21


U.S.: Hay, this guy is a genius: One solution for oil cleanup

  • This guy is either an alchemist or he’s come across a pretty amazing solution to cleaning up the massive oil spill. Florida resident Otis Goodson has been pitching this idea lately, and it’s been picking up a lot of attention. It got ours, too. Eco-friendly AND dead-simple. source

09 May 2010 11:47


Biz: The still-spreading Gulf oil spill is costly to BP’s bottom line

  • $10 million for BP to clean up
    the oil spill daily source