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14 Feb 2012 11:01


World: Was Tuesday’s Bangkok explosion tied to Iran, too? Israel says yes.

  • monday Israel blames the bombings of their embassy vehicles, in both India (successful) and Georgia (foiled), on Iran. Despite this, Iran denied responsibility for the attacks.
  • tuesday In Bangkok, an Iranian man carrying grenades managed to blow his own legs off and wound four others. Israel also blamed this attack on Iran. source

28 Oct 2011 08:04


Biz, World: Thailand flooding has devastating effect on major industries

  • 4.1% the projected growth forecast in Thailand prior to the floods
  • 2.6% the projected growth forecast after the devastating floods source
  • » A harsh effect, a long reach: With the Thailand floods causing billions of dollars in damage and putting numerous people out of work, Among other industries, the auto industry and the computer industry could suffer significantly due to the Thai flooding. Hard drives could rise in price by up to 40 percent, and car manufacturing plants as far away as North America have had to shut down as a result of the floods — and it’s so bad, some companies are considering sending Thai workers to Japan to continue their work. Many expect the drop in Thailand’s growth forecast to be a sign that the country plans to enact measures to support the economy.

25 May 2010 09:52


World: Thailand decides to treat old prime minister like terrorist

  • Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra reportedly funded the Red Shirt protests. And it wasn’t a modest amount, either – over ten weeks, Thaksin reportedly gave $1.5 million to the opposition efforts each day. So now he’s wanted on terrorism charges and could face the death penalty. He hasn’t had a super-charmed life of late – the government took $1.4 billion of his assets in February after an unfavorable high-court decision. The opposition isn’t backing down, either, as they attempted to impeach current PM Abhisit Vejjajiva. source

23 May 2010 10:57


World: Thailand’s lending a hand to help get Bangkok all cleaned up

With the worst of the Red Shirt conflict over, people are helping clean up Bangkok by the thousands. The country’s stock exchange will reopen Monday. source

20 May 2010 00:24


World: Thailand tries to pick up the pieces from a day of chaos

  • Physically we can rebuild Bangkok quickly, but I don’t know how long it will take to cure the psychological damage. We will never forget May 19 in our life time.
  • Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra • Regarding the chaos that surrounded the city in a major way yesterday. The chaos left buildings ablaze for hours, left many injured and forced the government to set a curfew for a third of the country. In the wake of the chaos, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said that he would harshly punish the “terrorists” who vandalized Bangkok. Exiled former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, whose ouster started this mess in the first place, gave credit to the Red Shirts for surrendering, claiming that the end of the protests saved a lot of lives. source

18 May 2010 21:30


World: The Red Shirts are screwed: Thailand pulls out the tanks

Is it us, or does this have the makings of a major human rights violation? Hopefully this ends well for everyone involved, especially the Red Shirts. source

17 May 2010 09:52


World: Thailand set a deadline for the Red Shirts to leave. Did it work?

  • NO around 5,000 protesters are
    still in the streets source

16 May 2010 11:10


World: The current state of violence in the escalating Bangkok conflict

  • 29+ have been killed in the escalating violence between the Thai government and Red Shirts
  • 221+ have been wounded; the Red Shirts want a cease-fire; the Thai government won’t budge source

16 May 2010 11:04


World: Still intensifying: The high-stakes conflict in Bangkok

Fans of motolov cocktails should be excited to know that the Thai government is planning on toughening its stance against the Red Shirts. source

15 May 2010 13:19


World: Why the Red Shirt crackdown? They’re trying to force the protesters out

  • Previously at its peak, there were about 10,000 or at least 9,000 protesters a day but since last night when we set up checkpoints around the protest area, you can see number of protesters have dropped to 5,000.
  • Thai Army spokesman Col Sansern Kaewkamnerd • Explaining what the army is trying to do to the Red Shirt protesters, who have occupied part of Bangkok. They claim that they’re trying to clear out the fighters, which sounds like it’s effective based on Kaewkamnerd’s estimation, but has had the side effect of fostering violence. The Red Shirts say they won’t give in easily. One thing we should note – the emergency situation is only in about a third of the city; many other parts are getting along somewhat normally. source