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14 Feb 2012 11:01


World: Was Tuesday’s Bangkok explosion tied to Iran, too? Israel says yes.

  • monday Israel blames the bombings of their embassy vehicles, in both India (successful) and Georgia (foiled), on Iran. Despite this, Iran denied responsibility for the attacks.
  • tuesday In Bangkok, an Iranian man carrying grenades managed to blow his own legs off and wound four others. Israel also blamed this attack on Iran. source

06 Feb 2012 10:16


U.S.: Georgia court strikes down assisted suicide law on free-speech grounds

  • The State has failed to provide any explanation or evidence as to why a public advertisement or offer to assist in an otherwise legal activity is sufficiently problematic to justify an intrusion on protected speech rights.
  • The Georgia Supreme Court • In a unanimous ruling on a 1994 assisted suicide law that said two things — one, it didn’t fully make assisted suicides illegal, and two, it blocked legal forms of free speech, meaning that the law ran smack-first into the First Amendment. As a result of the incident, members of the Final Exit Network, who were facing charges over allegedly helping a cancer-stricken man die, won’t face trial for the incident. The 1994 law, passed in the wake of Jack Kevorkian, made it a felony for anyone who “publicly advertises, offers or holds himself or herself out as offering that he or she will intentionally and actively assist another person in the commission of suicide and commits any overt act to further that purpose.” source

02 Nov 2011 18:42


U.S.: Four elderly men charged with plotting murder of federal employees

  • 68 average age of four attempted terrorists from Georgia source
  • » Don’t forget about domestic terrorism: The four men in question have been described as belonging to a fringe militia group, and the virulent anti-government rhetoric attributed to them seems in line with that: “There is no way for us, as militiamen, to save this country, to save Georgia, without doing something that’s highly, highly illegal. Murder. That’s f**king illegal, but it’s got to be done,” said Frederick Thomas, 73. Also, from the “young buck” of the group, the 65-year-old Ray Adams: “The first ones that need to die is the ones in the government buildings.” The quartet appeared in court today, and had trouble hearing what the judge was saying despite her use of a microphone. We smell an action-packed reboot to Grumpy Old Men for some reason.

21 Sep 2011 21:24


U.S.: Troy Davis execution delayed as Supreme Court mulls over case

  • yeah … The U.S. Supreme Court has stepped in to render a decision on the ultra-controversial Troy Davis death row case, which delayed his execution past 7 p.m. EDT.
  • … butAll they’ve forced right now is a delay — there is a chance that the court might let the execution go forward. His supporters are in a frenzy this evening. source
  • » A last gasp: The Supreme Court’s decision is Davis’ final option — today alone, he’s offered to take a polygraph, he’s tried to appeal to the Georgia pardons board, he’s gone to the Georgia Supreme Court … and the U.S. Supreme Court’s move was a hail-mary play which had no guarantee of working. The court likely knew it was coming, though. Davis has knocked on their door before, and they’ve answered at least once — back in 2008, they gave Davis an opportunity for a new trial, but a federal judge didn’t go for it.

20 Sep 2011 10:49


U.S.: Georgia denies clemency for controversial death row inmate Troy Davis

Davis, shown here in 1991, drew considerable support for his case, in which witnesses recanted testimony that led to his conviction in the murder of a police officer. But Georgia’s pardons board remained unconvinced. source

28 Apr 2011 10:29


U.S.: Death toll from tornadoes, storms in South absolutely insane

  • 213+ people killed by storms throughout the South
  • 131+ were killed by severe storms in Alabama alone
  • 32+ were killed by severe storms in nearby Mississippi
  • 12+ people were killed by storms in Georgia
  • 30+ people were killed by the storms in Tennessee
  • 8+ people were killed as far north as Virginia source
  • » An unprecedented toll: In Alabama in particular, where Tuscaloosa took incredibly strong damage from the storm and many died in Birmingham, officials were still trying to wrap their heads around the disaster. “I would be pretty sure about saying we’ve never had 128 people die in one day,” said Yasamie August, the Alabama Emergency Management Agency’s information manager. (The number’s jumped since she spoke.) “It’s going to be difficult to get an accurate count of damage or injuries at this point. Many people can’t get to a hospital.”

26 Mar 2011 11:57


U.S.: VIDEO: The end of a dramatic hostage situation in Georgia

  • How a dramatic standoff ended: Jamie Hood, 33, was on the run from police in Athens, Georgia, suspected in the killing of a cop and the shooting of another on Tuesday. (They were trying to arrest him in a carjacking.) Eventually, Hood took a number of hostages — whom he reportedly knew — in an hours-long standoff. Here’s the end of he standoff. Dramatic. But on the plus side, nobody was hurt and Hood turned himself in peacefully. source

25 Feb 2011 13:16


Politics: Protip: Don’t ask “Who’s gonna shoot Obama?” at town hall meetings

  • average Georgia Rep. Paul Broun, a Republican, had a town hall meeting on Tuesday night in Athens. People from across the region came by. Broun asked the person who had to travel furthest the first question.
  • awkward Unfortunately, that person asked this ever-popular question: “Who’s gonna shoot Obama?” People laughed, presumably in shock. Broun avoided an exact answer and his folks later talked to the Secret Service. Smart. source

10 Jan 2011 10:20


U.S.: Welcome to Atlanta: Snowy, icy city covered in snow and ice

Usually this highway is extremely busy on a Monday morning, but today … something about there being a crapload of snow or something. Mother nature hates Georgia. source

26 Sep 2010 10:24


U.S.: Bishop Eddie Long plans to fight sex-abuse allegations

  • On the advice of counsel, I am not going to address the allegations and the attacks. I want this to be dealt with in the court of justice not the court of public opinion. I am going to fight. Fight very vigorously. Things New Birth has stood for … we will continue to do.
  • Bishop Eddie Long • In a press conference in the wake of the allegations against him, which include multiple lawsuits by young men who claim to have been coerced into sexual relationships. Long, a staunch anti-homosexuality pastor who flaunts his wealth, has been under huge amounts of pressure the last few days because of the lawsuits. We wish the kids suing Long and his church – and heck, his parishioners – the best; we have to imagine this must be hard all for you, no matter what happened. source