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19 Nov 2011 18:33


Politics: Top-secret Obama security detail found lying in a gutter

  • Somebody’s getting a stern talking to: In a kind of amazing story that, for some reason, absolutely nobody is reporting, a classified copy of President Obama’s security detail was discovered lying in a gutter outside Australia’s parliament on Wednesday. The 120-page document contained seating arrangements of the presidential motorcade, and details of how exactly the Secret Service goes about protecting the president. Thankfully, it was discovered by reporter Dylan Welch who, as one would expect, wrote an article about it (after the president left the country, which he was visiting as part of his tour of the Asia Pacific) . But what if it had fallen into the wrong hands? Coming days after a man was charged with attempting to assassinate the president, this doesn’t look make anybody look good. The White House hasn’t commented on the incident. source

30 Sep 2011 11:05


Culture: Michelle Obama shops at Target: Today in things that suprise nobody

  • It is not uncommon for the First Lady to slip out to run an errand, eat at a local restaurant or otherwise enjoy the city outside the White House gates.
  • Michelle Obama’s communications director, Kristina Schake • Stating the obvious in the wake of the AP getting a photo of her shopping at Target. To which we say: Duh. Do you think she spends all of her time just hanging out at the White House all day? She’d go crazy. Heh. Most people don’t, however, need plainclothes Secret Service agents to enter the Target half an hour ahead of them just so they can go shopping. source

17 Aug 2011 09:50


U.S.: First, there was the Obamamobile. Now there’s the Obamabus

This bus, which cost $1.1 million to produce, has similarities to the Obamamobile, but has some security features the Secret Service won’t talk about. source

25 Feb 2011 13:16


Politics: Protip: Don’t ask “Who’s gonna shoot Obama?” at town hall meetings

  • average Georgia Rep. Paul Broun, a Republican, had a town hall meeting on Tuesday night in Athens. People from across the region came by. Broun asked the person who had to travel furthest the first question.
  • awkward Unfortunately, that person asked this ever-popular question: “Who’s gonna shoot Obama?” People laughed, presumably in shock. Broun avoided an exact answer and his folks later talked to the Secret Service. Smart. source

06 Dec 2010 21:47


U.S.: Write a threatening poem, go straight to jail

  • cause In 2007, Johnny Logan Spencer wrote and posted online a poem depicting the (obviously fictional) assassination of Barack Obama.
  • effectSpencer has since been sentenced to three years in prison. Yeah, he shouldn’t have done what he did, but really, three years? source

20 Sep 2010 00:29


Offbeat: Secret Services loses woman’s car, doesn’t help her find it

  • dumb A woman (illegally) parks in a handicapped spot outside of a dinner where Obama’s speaking; a police officer says it’s OK for her to park.
  • dumberUpon leaving, she learns that her car has been moved by Secret Service agents – and they don’t know where they put it. They can’t find it.
  • dumbestThe woman, after having given up and run through red tape, finds it herself the next day – less than a block away from the convention center. source
  • » How far did WaPo commenters read? Rather than get upset about the fact that the Secret Service lost her freaking car, they criticized the woman for parking in a handicapped spot, even though the tag was for her husband. Not to underplay the traffic violation, but the Secret Service lost somebody’s freaking car.

27 Nov 2009 20:44


U.S.: Tareq and Michaele Salahi met Barack Obama, this photo says

“Ohmigod, Barack! I’m such a huge fan of yours! Did you hear? I’m gonna be on TV soon! I’m a real housewife of D.C.!” source

21 Jul 2009 10:07


U.S.: The Bush twins are keeping the secret service busy still

  • Despite their dad being out of office, the service is still on their backs. Having given the Secret Service “fits” during their dad’s presidency – Jenna, for example, running through red lights trying to lose the agents following her – you think they’d be glad to be rid of her. However, just before W. left office, he signed an executive order giving them coverage for an unspecified period of time. It’s not uncommon – Bill did it for Chelsea – but considering all the trouble Jenna and Barbara took to get rid of them, you’d think they’d want to be rid of the service. Guess not. source