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02 Feb 2012 10:31


U.S.: Today in bizarre adoptions: A polo club owner adopts his adult girlfriend

  • story A wealthy Florida polo club owner, involved in a car crash that killed a 23-year-old man a year ago, is facing both criminal charges and a wrongful death suit in the case. He could face up to 30 years in prison for vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of the crime; he ran a stop sign and was driving under the influence at the time.
  • twist In a legal maneuver which probably has no prior precedent, back in October, 48-year-old John Goodman legally made his longtime 42-year-old girlfriend … his adopted daughter. Officials believe this is an attempt to shield his wealth from a civil suit. Also, the math doesn’t work out on that father-daughter relationship. source

05 Jul 2011 16:25


Offbeat: Main claims discrimination over his pinball wizardry

  • 40 lawsuits filed by John Luckett; he’s also a wizard at litigation source
  • » Who’s John Luckett? Not someone you should know anything about, probably. He’s just filed lots of lawsuits – so many he can’t even sue in California anymore. Right now he’s trying to sue the Las Vegas-based Pinball Hall of Fame because he was told by police to stay away from it after he shoved an employee. He also claims he was thrown out because he was discriminated against for his “pinball wizardry” — that is, his ability to play for so long on only 50 cents. Something tells us that pinball wizards aren’t protected by the EEOC. (via Gawker)

14 Jun 2011 15:14


U.S.: Only in America story of the day

  • I could best describe him as a bully. He’s one of those people you’re constantly dealing with — confrontations with law enforcement, confrontations with neighbors
  • Chuck Curry, the county sheriff in Flathead County, Montanna • He’s talking about a guy named David Burgert, someone formerly in charge of a militia that wants to go to war with the National Guard and overthrow the government. Apparently, Burgert got in a shootout with police and then ran into the woods. They’ve been looking for him since the shootout happened Sunday, and they’ve only found stashes of guns and food. Let’s hope this guy doesn’t end up overthrowing our government any time soon. We’re shaking in our boots. source

07 Jun 2011 21:04


World: Homeowner of possible mass grave site explains the blood

  • He got drunk and cut his wrist. It took me all day to clean the inside of the house. I’m not sure I got it [the blood] all.
  • Joe Bankston, the owner of the house at the center of the possible mass grave in Texas • Offering a possible alibi for what happened. (No grave has been found as of yet, but blood has.) Bankston’s daughter lives in the home, and her boyfriend attempted suicide a couple of weeks ago, leaving a large amount of blood. The boyfriend, a soldier who went AWOL, is now in psychiatric care after the incident. Bankston’s son, admittedly a convicted sex offender, hasn’t lived in the region for at least a year. “He lived with us for a little while, but had to go to Michigan about a year ago for a court appearance and never came back,” he said. “Last I heard, he was in Ohio.” Thus far, this sounds like a dysfunctional family with a lot of wrinkles (and big ups to Bankston for being so honest about his family’s troubles), not a mass grave site. A weird case all around. source

07 Jun 2011 20:06


U.S.: On conflicting coverage of a possible mass murder near Houston

  • Today, Liberty, Texas law enforcement officials got a phone call from a psychic. She told them to go to a certain house, where she said there were dozens of dead bodies. They didn’t find any. But that wasn’t the end of it. “All we know is the sheriff department received a call about a mass grave, or something like that, with several bodies,” a law enforcement official said. “They went and checked it, and there was nothing there. The caller went back and said, ‘No, you went to the wrong house.'” They went back, and they found blood, but (after telling the media otherwise and causing a ruckus) no bodies — yet, at least. If this has all the makings of a B-level horror movie, you’re right. But it could also have all the makings of a great tragedy. But evidence is lacking, and the man whose house was raided, a long-haul trucker, denies the allegations. Let’s hope it’s a hoax. source

14 Jan 2011 19:30


U.S.: The weirdest Jared Lee Loughner news we’ll post, well, ever

  • A Walgreens in Tuscon [sic], Ariz. turned over to police racy photos of gunman Jared Loughner with a Glock and a G-string that were taken to the store to be developed the night before the shooting rampage that left six people dead and 14 wounded. … In the photos he holds the pistol against his crotch and buttocks while wearing a bright red thong, sources told ABC News.
  • ABC News • Leaving us speechless. source

24 Dec 2010 10:32


Offbeat: A cougar ran through George W. Bush’s lawn this week

  • In what may be the greatest Christmas gift of all, some weird guy decided to drive his 1970s-era Mercury Cougar through George W. Bush’s front lawn the other day. We’re sure the former president gets this kind of treatment all the time. source

06 Dec 2010 11:05


Offbeat: Third Eye (not) Blind: Guy installs camera in back of his head

If anything tops this NYU professor Wafaa Bilal’s new accessory as the day’s weirdest story, we’ll buy each of our readers a Coke. All three of you. source

03 Dec 2010 11:53


Culture: Weird Ronni Chasen case remains weird, won’t stop being weird

  • $6 million the amount of money Ronni Chasen was worth, according to her most recent will
  • $10 the amount she left for one of her nieces; she was very generous with about everyone else source
  • » Meanwhile: The case remains incredibly weird and interesting. John Walsh of “America’s Most Wanted” claims that a report on his show was the major coup needed to lead to the suspect. Police, however, are dubious about whether he was the guy. So are neighbors, who say that Harold Johnson (labeled as a professional hitman) didn’t own a car, rode a bike everywhere and was “paranoid.” All in all, more interesting than the Phil Spector case.

23 Nov 2010 08:52


Offbeat: San Jose animal shelter learns to love all of God’s creatures

  • We’re suckers. And there’s always one or two that grab your heart.
  • United Animal Nations emergency services manager Janell Matthies • Expressing her appreciation for the 1,000 bundles of joy recently found in a Los Angeles home. Yes, that’s right, she’s talking about rats – rats found, by the way, during a shoot for the A&E show “Hoarders.” They were recently taken to a San Jose animal shelter largely because they had the room to take them all in. We like Matthies’ ability to see the bright side here, but let’s emphasize that some hoarder dude created an environment disgusting enough to foster that many rats. And yes, since they’re at an animal shelter … they’re up for adoption. No, you first. source