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08 Dec 2010 20:33


Culture: Harold Martin Smith’s gun tied to Ronni Chasen’s murder

  • saturday Police claimed last week that “Harold Johnson,” an ex-con bicyclist who shot himself to death while on the run, may not have been Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen’s killer.
  • wednesday Police claim the man, really named Harold Martin Smith, killed himself with the gun used in Chasen’s murder, making him the likely (but not slam-dunk) suspect. Police suspect a robbery gone bad. source

04 Dec 2010 15:29


Culture: Was that guy who shot himself in the Ronni Chasen case involved?

  • NO?that’s what the authorities are suggesting source

03 Dec 2010 11:53


Culture: Weird Ronni Chasen case remains weird, won’t stop being weird

  • $6 million the amount of money Ronni Chasen was worth, according to her most recent will
  • $10 the amount she left for one of her nieces; she was very generous with about everyone else source
  • » Meanwhile: The case remains incredibly weird and interesting. John Walsh of “America’s Most Wanted” claims that a report on his show was the major coup needed to lead to the suspect. Police, however, are dubious about whether he was the guy. So are neighbors, who say that Harold Johnson (labeled as a professional hitman) didn’t own a car, rode a bike everywhere and was “paranoid.” All in all, more interesting than the Phil Spector case.

02 Dec 2010 10:06


Culture: Ronni Chasen’s murder case gets significantly more interesting

  • So, let’s say that you’ve been pinpointed as a person of interest in a murder case. Not just any murder case, mind you, but that of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen, whose bizarre middle-of-the-night death a few weeks ago raised more than a few eyebrows. What do you do? Well, in the case that unfolded last night, the currently-unnamed person shot and killed himself while being chased by police. Which means that, even if he didn’t do it, everyone’s going to think he did. Good work, hoss. source

20 Nov 2010 10:52


Culture: Ronni Chasen’s murder quickly headed towards circus territory

  • The most indication is that it was targeted. A random killing will not happen like this, five shots in a chest area, and it seems like it wasn’t just a random killing.
  • Beverly Hills Mayor Jimmy Delshad • Expressing a belief that Ronni Chasen’s death was no accident, and that it was a targeted killing. Problem is, the police doesn’t back this description.  Chasen, who was working as the publicist for “Burlesque” the night that she was murdered,  died under bizarre circumstances, yes, but saying things like that gets out the tabloid crazies. “This type of media coverage can only jeopardize the integrity of the investigation,” said the city’s police chief, David Snowden. Come on! Don’t ruin our fun so quickly, David! We wanted to spend weeks working up conspiracy theories! source

17 Nov 2010 21:09


U.S.: What happened to Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen? She’s dead

In case you were in need of a good Hollywood whodunit, the death of publicist Ronni Chasen the other day has the city gripped like a Phil Spector murder case. source