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23 Nov 2010 08:52


Offbeat: San Jose animal shelter learns to love all of God’s creatures

  • We’re suckers. And there’s always one or two that grab your heart.
  • United Animal Nations emergency services manager Janell Matthies • Expressing her appreciation for the 1,000 bundles of joy recently found in a Los Angeles home. Yes, that’s right, she’s talking about rats – rats found, by the way, during a shoot for the A&E show “Hoarders.” They were recently taken to a San Jose animal shelter largely because they had the room to take them all in. We like Matthies’ ability to see the bright side here, but let’s emphasize that some hoarder dude created an environment disgusting enough to foster that many rats. And yes, since they’re at an animal shelter … they’re up for adoption. No, you first. source

16 Jun 2010 10:58


Offbeat: New study: Yes, there are rats in the NYC subway system

Yeah, we know, duh. Where do the rats come from? The walls. And while not every station has them, most of the 18 studied in fact do. source

03 Feb 2010 10:01


World: Iran’s space program has officially caught up to 1957

  • They launched a rocket with live animals into space. Not content to be 70 years behind the U.S. when it comes to nuclear technology, the Middle Eastern country has gladly chosen to be 50 years behind the U.S. (and Russia!) when it comes to space exploration. Rats, turtles and worms were the lucky guinea pigs for the Kavoshgar-3 endeavor, which could lead to a newfound bolstering of its ballistic missile program. source

17 May 2009 02:42


Tech: If you aren’t sleeping, you could die. Just a handy tip.

  • 24 hours amount of time it takes for the effects of sleep deprivation to hit
  • 32 days amount of time it took for sleep-deprived rats to die in a lab source