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29 Aug 2011 10:21


U.S.: Commuters in NYC slowly getting back to normal after Irene

  • positive All of New York City’s subway routes are moving along without much trouble. While service was supposed to be lighter than usual, many riders said they didn’t notice any significant delays.
  • negative However, if you’re commuting from outside the city — especially Connecticut or New Jersey, you’re out of luck. All lines of the Metro-North Railroad are down, as are New Jersey Transit trains. source

13 Feb 2011 12:24


U.S.: Detective who helped catch serial-stabbing suspect: “Just doing my job”

  • I was just doing my job. … It was a crazy day, but I’m thankful that I made it home safe.
  • NYC Detective Marcelo Razzo • Humbly taking credit for his role in stopping serial stabbing suspect Maksim Gelman yesterday morning. Razzo was one of three cops who helped subdue the man suspected in a series of murders, carjackings and assorted other violent acts. Razzo was off-duty – and just happened to be on the train – when he helped stop the suspect, who was dramatically caught on a subway train underneath Times Square. Razzo ran from the third car to the first to help subdue him. Good work. Better response. source

12 Feb 2011 17:10


U.S.: Recap: The NYC serial stabber’s crazed, bloody trail

  • 30 hours – the period key suspect Maksim Gelman was on the run
  • three people were killed as a result of fatal stabbings in the NYC area; three others were attacked
  • one more person was killed in a hit-and-run accident by the serial stabber while he was trying to escape
  • four cars stolen by the suspect while on the run, including two carjackings
  • many death threats against those who got in Gelman’s crazed way
  • 100’s of police officers were hunting him down the entire time source
  • » A man who went berzerk: Lead suspect Gelman, a 23-year-old from the Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn who had a criminal record, reportedly killed his stepfather, his girlfriend and her mother, and proved to be a danger to anyone who got into his way. The situation ended quite dramatically in the subway system, with Gelman hiding in the system, eventually getting on a train near Penn Station, stabbing a man in one of the rail cars, and eventually getting caught by an army of police officers, some with machine guns, under Times Square. What might be a normal episode of “Law & Order” makes for a dramatic, pulse-raising real-life experience.

16 Nov 2010 20:25


U.S.: NYC has another idea to expand New Jersey’s subway service

  • Commuters in New Joisey, you aren’t screwed yet. Weeks ago, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced he was killing off a massive public works project to get a subway line under the Hudson River into New York City. While fiscal conservatives feted the decision, many long-suffering commuters felt burned. New York City is considering coming to the rescue, offering to extend a subway line out of the city and into New Jersey – at a fraction of the shuttered plan’s cost:
  • $11.4
    the estimated cost (with overruns) of the New Jersey subway project that Gov. Chris Christie killed
  • $5.3
    the estimated cost of New York extending the No. 7 subway line under the Hudson River source
  • » Agreement still needed: While Michael Bloomberg’s administration is spearheading this, incoming NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, along with Christie, would have to come to terms with the plan, which, while less expensive, definitely isn’t cheap. But the long-term benefits could prove worth it.

23 Sep 2010 12:00


Tech: Visa’s PayWave + iPhone + NYC Subway = Freaking amazing

  • Whooooosh! Hear that kids? It’s the sound of the future, flying by so fast that you don’t know what hit you. In today’s segment, people use their iPhones with Visa’s spiffy payWave service and pay to hit the New York Subway with their phones. Radical! source

30 Jul 2010 21:17


Tech, U.S.: Finally, the NYC Subway will be getting wireless connectivity

  • $200 million the amount the wi-fi and mobile endeavor will cost
  • three years the delay the major undertaking has already faced source

22 Jun 2010 10:44


U.S.: “Eat fresh” questionable slogan for Subway in salmonella outbreak

  • 97 people sickened from an Illinois outbreak; no deaths yet source

16 Jun 2010 10:58


Offbeat: New study: Yes, there are rats in the NYC subway system

Yeah, we know, duh. Where do the rats come from? The walls. And while not every station has them, most of the 18 studied in fact do. source

04 Mar 2010 20:14


U.S.: Pentagon Metro shooting: Just be glad you don’t need a train

  • This floor looks overloaded with people. It’s a freaking mess, and it’s all caused by one guy who decided to shoot a couple of Pentagon police officers. The injuries to the officers weren’t life-threatening, by the way. Careful out there, guys. (Photo by @whrobinson) source

22 Sep 2009 10:40


U.S.: Know that terror plot? Yeah. Be careful on the metro train.

  • More suspects are out there. And they could be targeting mass transit. The feds are telling major metro systems across the country to be on their Ps and Qs after the arrest of Najibullah Zazi, who may have been plotting an attack on the New York Subway. CNN is currently reporting that investigators are after a dozen more people. So if you can, carpool. Or take the bus. source