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24 Oct 2010 10:48


Tech: Google apologizes (profusely) for Street View data scraping

  • We work hard at Google to earn your trust, and we’re acutely aware that we failed badly here.
  • Google Senior VP of Engineering and Research Alan Eustace • Revealing what the company did in the wake of Google Street View’s accidental wi-fi snooping in Europe. (Lots of training, lots of policy changes.) He also admitted, though, that (while most of what they grabbed were data fragments) the company did in fact grab entire e-mails and other private information. “We are mortified by what happened,” Eustace writes, but says that they hope that the policy changes will prevent it from happening again. source

11 Oct 2010 19:25


Tech: “Free Public Wi-Fi” isn’t free, public or wi-fi. It’s nothing.

  • Ever find yourself hanging around an airport with your laptop? Or maybe you’re in the middle of a coffee shop, looking to read your favorite blog (hi guys!). Maybe you’ve seen the “Free Public Wi-Fi” computer-to-computer network floating around, always tempting you to click on it in hopes that you get free public wi-fi. And it never, ever works. Here’s why: It’s a bug that older versions of Windows XP have had for approximately four years. It doesn’t connect you to anything. It’s an error. One that MS has already fixed, by the way, but still shows up on un-updated machines. And if you’re using one of those fairly-common computers, you too may find yourself bitten by that zombie if you join that network. Or “hpsetup.” Or “linksys.” Sorry to burst your bubble, moochers. source

30 Jul 2010 21:17


Tech, U.S.: Finally, the NYC Subway will be getting wireless connectivity

  • $200 million the amount the wi-fi and mobile endeavor will cost
  • three years the delay the major undertaking has already faced source

04 Jul 2010 11:45


Biz: Old man doesn’t like Starbucks’ unlimited wi-fi for some reason

  • You won’t be able to find a place to sit down anymore if more people are coming in to use their computers. I thought a coffee shop was for drinking coffee.
  • Santa Clarita, Calif. resident Ted Thompson • Getting really angry over Starbucks’ unlimited wi-fi service. See, the problem that Thompson doesn’t seem to understand is that Starbucks is that coffee shops were never about drinking coffee. They all have coffee, sure, but they’re social beasts in nature, plus they encourage people to read the news or play checkers while they’re there. But, with laptops, people don’t have to do that anymore. The social element is online. If you want good coffee instead of a place filled with laptops, try somewhere that doesn’t have wi-fi. Just a tip. And get out of our way  so that we can blog in peace, kind sir! source

28 Jun 2010 09:26


Tech, U.S.: Obama’s giving Americans what they really want: More wireless

  • He’s reportedly looking into expanding the wireless spectrum even further. With an ever-increasing need for wireless spectrum, the administration is looking to open up around 500 megahertz worth over the next ten years. And just in time, too – some studies suggest the demand in five years will be 20 to 45 times the demand in 2009, when it was already really high. source

14 Jun 2010 21:22


Biz: Three reasons why Starbucks’ wi-fi plan could be big for newspapers

  • Smart synergy USA Today’s most brilliant move was brokering deals with hotels to give free copies of the paper to patrons. It helped them build their brand. Starbucks’ deal with the WSJ could be the modern equivalent of that, except more effective.
  • People do this already If you’ve ever been in a coffee shop, you know that copies of the newspaper are already sitting around for people to read if they so choose. This is the exact same thing without the paper waste. (Or the social elements, but alas.)
  • New business model If this works, it could effectively turn into a new revenue model for the newspaper industry, one that could be replicated in bookstores, restaurants and other public meeting places. Hope the WSJ is getting paid well for this.

14 Jun 2010 21:02


Biz: Starbucks says “screw it,” stops charging for wi-fi like losers

  • It had reached a point where it was affecting sales. For years, Starbucks was one of the few coffee-shop chains that didn’t have free wi-fi, instead charging high fees for usage. Then, they gave Starbucks Card holders two hours free. Now, they’re opening it up for everybody July 1st – and using their clout to sweeten the deal, big time. The details:
  • yesIt’ll be a simple process to log in – just hit a button and you’re on. You can stay as long as you want, bucking the independent coffee shop trend away from moochers.
  • noThat’s not all – they’ll offer free access to pay sites like The Wall Street Journal, and free music and movie previews. Holy crap. This could be big, everybody. source

07 Jun 2010 21:04


Tech: Apple should change its name to “Gaffle” after today

  • one During a demonstration of the new iPhone, the phone hangs on the loading of the New York Times.
  • two After telling everyone to get off the network (after getting ripped by a Verizon fan), FaceTime freezes up.
  • three Apple announces a new version of Safari before the browser itself is up. Then they retract. Oops. source

18 May 2010 21:20


Tech, World: Google’s stupid wi-fi mistake gets the regulators on them

  • bad Google’s Street View cars traveled around European cities and towns and accidentally downloaded people’s wi-fi data. Oops.
  • worse Understandably, some countries are upset. The Germans and the Czech are doing investigations of the Street View cars. source

14 May 2010 20:42


Tech: Oops: Google Street View accidentally ganked people’s wi-fi data

Don’t mind us! It’s just Google Street View, driving through your villa. Do do do do do … hey, what’s this private wi-fi data we’re picking up? Oh crap. source