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15 Aug 2011 10:04


Biz, Tech: Google to buy Motorola Mobility: More on the blockbuster deal of the day

  • $12.5 billion to buy a key seller of Android phones
  • 17,000 number of issued patents the mobility side of Motorola owns, which would now be Google’s; Motorola split in half back in January
  • 7,500 number of patent filings made under Motorola Mobility’s name; these patents are almost as valuable to Google as the phones source
  • » Google stocks didn’t react well: While an argument could be made that this is a great move for Google, investors appear to be at least somewhat spooked, with Google’s stock currently down despite the more positive market at large. Is it because the company has never really had any sort of success in the hardware business? And what does this mean for HTC or Samsung or all the other big Android makers?

10 Aug 2011 10:30


Biz: Striking Verizon worker: They want to turn us into “Wal-Mart workers”

  • All the benefits that we’ve worked and fought for, 30 and 40 years, they want to take off the table … they want to make us like Wal-Mart workers. No benefits and low pay.
  • Striking Reading, Mass. Verizon worker Paul Murphy • Offering his take on the negotiations that led to the first strike Verizon’s had in over a decade. The strike, which involves the company’s landline workers, flared up after the company pushed to make it easier to fire workers and give raises based on performance, not seniority. The company says that the workers are among the highest-paid telecommunications workers in the industry, and that they have no plans to outsource workers. (h/t John Ness) source

07 Aug 2011 11:39


Biz: Verizon: “Can you hear me now?” Workers: “No, because we’re on strike!”

  • 45,000 Verizon workers are now on strike source
  • » Verizon’s tough stance led to strike: In the first strike the company has faced in 11 years, many of the company’s field technicians and customer service workers were fending off a tough stance the company took in negotiations — they were hoping to make it easier to fire workers and also wanted to change the method they decided on raises. Verizon’s push is indicative of the evolution away from the more-profitable landline business and towards wireless.

20 Mar 2011 21:30


Biz: AT&T’s T-Mobile buyout: Infrastructure, antitrust concerns at play

  • 35 million subscribers on T-Mobile’s current wireless setup
  • 100M number of subscribers Verizon has, buoyed by a large infrastructure that nobody can touch
  • 95M number of subscribers AT&T has — if the merger goes through, they’ll top Verizon
  • 40M number of subscribers Sprint has; they were also having merger talks with T-Mobile source
  • » It’s all about infrastructure: AT&T is trying hard to play catch-up with Verizon, which not only has more customers and bandwidth, but also now has the iPhone. The bummer for T-Mobile users is that AT&T’s monthly rates are far higher than T-Mobile’s, which as you might guess has people worried. While T-Mobile has tried to get ahead of talk like this, the concerns are enough that many analysts are warning that the deal won’t go through.

08 Mar 2011 10:50


Biz: Could mobile also-rans T-Mobile and Sprint merge? It’s a possibility

  • who T-Mobile, the U.S. mobile carrier owned by Deutsche Telekom, is a fourth-place also-ran in the cell phone market, one that Apple doesn’t even think about.
  • what There are rumors that Deutsche Telekom will sell T-Mobile to Sprint, the third-largest mobile company, in exchange for a stake in the combined company.
  • why While the deal isn’t set in stone and could fall through, a combined company would make it easier for the two companies to build more infrastructure. source

20 Dec 2010 10:58


Tech: AT&T makes huge investment in more wireless spectrum

  • $2 billion for fresh bandwidth; fewer dropped calls, possibly? source

10 Nov 2010 11:01


Tech: Nokia’s cell phone share dipping as competitors catch up

  • 36.7% Nokia’s percentage of the overall cell phone market a year ago; they had the biggest share
  • 28.2% Nokia’s share of the  market now; they’re losing on smartphones AND dumbphones
  • 2004 the last time they fell below 30 percent in worldwide mobile market share source

12 Oct 2010 10:17


Tech: So, mobile phones are a lot older than you might think

  • 1.5 million mobile phone users in the U.S. in … 1964 source

11 Oct 2010 10:41


Tech: Here it is: Three really quick Windows Phone 7 facts

  • 30 number of countries getting Windows Phone 7 at the phone’s launch
  • nine number of Windows Phone 7 models coming out next month
  • 2011 when MS expects the phones to have copy and paste source

28 Jun 2010 09:26


Tech, U.S.: Obama’s giving Americans what they really want: More wireless

  • He’s reportedly looking into expanding the wireless spectrum even further. With an ever-increasing need for wireless spectrum, the administration is looking to open up around 500 megahertz worth over the next ten years. And just in time, too – some studies suggest the demand in five years will be 20 to 45 times the demand in 2009, when it was already really high. source