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11 Oct 2010 10:41


Tech: Here it is: Three really quick Windows Phone 7 facts

  • 30 number of countries getting Windows Phone 7 at the phone’s launch
  • nine number of Windows Phone 7 models coming out next month
  • 2011 when MS expects the phones to have copy and paste source

14 Jul 2010 11:20


Tech: Microsoft resorts to paying developers to make mobile apps

  • Translation: We’re desperate to play with Google and Apple. In a pretty implicit admission that they’re playing catch-up, the company plans to pay developers to help give Windows Phone 7 an early push. Why this strategy? Well, some developers may not be willing to program for an untested platform if they’re not convinced people are going to use it. It’s a good idea for Microsoft, but they can only get away with it because they’re Microsoft. source

17 Mar 2010 08:56


Tech: Microsoft takes a cue from Apple, not Clippy, on new phones

  • NO Windows Phone 7 Series won’t have cut and paste source

13 Mar 2010 20:49


Tech: Microsoft’s old phones sucked so much, not even workers used them

  • 10,000 Microsoft workers use an iPhone source

15 Feb 2010 10:40


Tech: Windows Phone 7 not the only mobile OS to officially launch today

  • bada Samsung launched Bada today, which isn’t super-hot according to Wired. Biggest problem? Unintuitive and useless user interface.
  • meego Intel and Nokia forged an unlikely alignment by mashing together their two Linux-based products (Moblin and MaeMo) to make MeeGo.

15 Feb 2010 10:23


15 Feb 2010 10:17


Tech: Windows Phone 7 Series a complete reboot from the top down

  • Former Nike designers gave Windows Phone 7 Series (that’s a mouthful) a visual reboot that focuses on simplicity over noise (as well as a consistent experience), and the result looks a lot like the Zune HD. Early reviews are super-positive; Engadget says that the OS “looks nothing like anything else on the market, and we think that’s to its advantage.” source