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07 Feb 2011 11:22


Tech: Gawker finally moves over to that bold redesign they have

  • Oh, hey new Gawker: In case anyone needed a reason to go to Gawker today, here you go. Compared to previous iterations of the redesign, the kickers in front of the topics help a lot. They weren’t there before, making everything sort of blend into one another. Still, though, we think this is a huge mistake on Gawker’s part. By downplaying what made Gawker worthwhile (the snarky blurbs over to the right), they endanger their base. Good luck, though. source

14 Sep 2010 21:58


Tech: Redesign! Twitter’s finally sprucing things up a little more

  • Looks like someone’s finally dealing with a sore spot! Twitter’s basic design had long been a sore spot for many using the service, and now they’re going to work on it, adding a bunch of multimedia elements and making the design overall more visual. We could see developers complaining about this like they did the Atebits acquisition; Brizzly, for example, just lost its main competitive advantage. The redesign rolls out over the next several weeks, and we’re guessing it’s going to go over a lot better than Digg’s. source

31 Aug 2010 20:44


Tech: Digg’s Kevin Rose steps down as CEO, creates speculation bomb

  • As you know, I have been the interim CEO, while we looked for the right person, and I will still remain actively involved in the product, but am handing over the day-to-day running of the business to Matt.
  • Digg founder Kevin Rose • Handing over his role as interim CEO of Digg to Matt Williams. The timing, of course, is what people are going to be focused on. Whether or not Rose is leaving Digg because of the drama around the redesign or because of something else, Digg users are going to understandably focus on the fact that his departure happened at a very important juncture for the company. source

20 Aug 2010 19:05


Culture: Why not? New dollar de$igns! (Including a Obama $1 bill)

  • These gifts from the design world come to us from the Dowling Duncan design studio as part of a yearly Dollar ReDe$sign Project, whose goal is to update our currency into something a bit more with-the-times. We can’t imagine a more controversial $1 bill than that thang. (Hat tip and a link to our buddy Charles Apple for this one.) source

15 Jun 2010 11:49


Tech: Nice: Random Mac Mini redesign comes out of nowhere

  • Can we just say that this was the most neglected part of Apple’s entire lineup? Well, until today, that is. Apple redesigned the box to be used the way people actually use it – as a small, efficient server or as a beefed-up TV device, complete with all the necessary ports to make it a part of your living room. We approve. source

28 May 2010 22:13


Tech: Kevin Rose’s new Digg: A lot of ingredients in one little feed

  • Kevin Rose just combined Digg with Facebook and Twitter. As you may know, we think that Digg has a relevance problem. It also has an over-influence problem. And a sexism problem. And let’s face it, it’s kind of a pain in the butt to submit articles to. Fortunately for Digg, it has a coming redesign that looks pretty awesome.
  • Fixing the faults Digg had a lot of problems and this update has turned it into a viable source that we might actually use. It’s also way ahead of Twitter and Facebook in the way it handles RSS feeds. (Making it easier for content to gain influence organically, just like Twitter.) The mix of news, friends and tastemakers is kinda brilliant.
  • Reddit’s co-founder just jealousOne of the co-founders of Reddit has posted about it, and has trashed it as a crass move to please venture capitalists, but we completely disagree. And, if we’re being completely frank, Reddit still has these problems and always will as long as it treats content promotion from legitimate sites like spam. source

18 May 2010 10:06


Tech: Hotmail’s got some big plans for its next redesign, guys

  • Hotmail is nearly 15 years old. If that number makes you feel old, just think how it makes Microsoft’s free e-mail service feel. So, Microsoft is giving the service a reboot in an attempt to outdo Gmail’s features and become even more dominant. The redesign hits this summer. source

01 Apr 2010 23:45


Biz: Dunkin’ Donuts (faux-)redesigns, reminds people of their mascot roots

It’s way too convincing for an April Fool’s joke. In this reimagining,t hey lost the donut-shaped type, and added back Dunkie, a ’50s-and-’60s icon. Awesome. source

18 Mar 2010 22:39


Tech: Mashable’s Pete Cashmore unveils more details on the new Digg

  • Curation, personalization, centralization – Digg wants to be your hub again. For a couple of years, Digg was THE place to go to hear what’s hot, as well as a solid way to drive traffic to your site. Nowadays, it’s a total niche and it’s hard to get your articles noticed in the abyss. Facebook (especially) and Twitter work way better. Mashable’s Pete Cashmore, in his column for CNN, talks a little more about Digg, whose new social buttons his site is testing. It sounds like Digg’s at least trying to get their mojo back. But will it work? Let’s just say we’re excited to see it. source

14 Mar 2010 20:33


Tech: Digg’s upcoming redesign: Necessary, but fundamental?

  • Everybody knew it. The second Oprah said the word “Twitter” on her show, Digg looked old hat. It lacked the decentralized social spark other, more recent social media options had perfected. But – lucky us – the site hasn’t taken the passing of time lying down. Coming soon is a top-down redesign that slickens up the look and personalizes the results. Maybe with more personalization and social functions it might be able to solve our fundamental problem with the site. Will Digg get more substance with the changes? source