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09 Feb 2011 14:20


U.S.: Gabby Giffords recovering well, beginning to regain speech faculties

Great news: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is regaining the ability to speak. Sources wouldn’t divulge her first words, other than they involved her asking for toast. Good luck, Gabby! source

26 Jan 2011 14:59


U.S.: Good news on Giffords, as medical condition is upgraded

  • GOOD Giffords’ current condition source

25 Jun 2010 09:22


Tech: Who bought all those iPhone 4s, anyway? UPGRADERS!

  • 77% of iPhone 4 purchases were iPhone upgrades source

29 May 2010 12:58


Tech: Also on the IE6 tip: Microsoft treats it like spoiled milk, literally

  • That’s right. Even Microsoft doesn’t want it. The company’s Australian arm has created an advertising campaign to make some of the wind out of IE6’s long-working sails. Clever approach. Will it work? source

23 May 2010 11:48


Tech: GPS in need of an upgrade, and it’s gonna cost a couple bucks

  • $8 billion to upgrade the widely used geo-navigation system source
  • before The system had a margin of error of about 20 feet – OK for driving, bad for walking a city street.
  • after After the upgrade, the system will be able to get within an arm’s length of the location. Whoa, cool!
  • » Not just for nav: It’s used for all sorts of purposes, including tracking financial transactions from ATMs and stock trades. In 2007, when the system was knocked offline in San Diego, cell phones and hospital paging systems stopped working. In other words, the technology, which currently uses 24 satellites to do its dirty work, is pretty useful.

18 May 2010 10:06


Tech: Hotmail’s got some big plans for its next redesign, guys

  • Hotmail is nearly 15 years old. If that number makes you feel old, just think how it makes Microsoft’s free e-mail service feel. So, Microsoft is giving the service a reboot in an attempt to outdo Gmail’s features and become even more dominant. The redesign hits this summer. source

09 May 2010 20:40


Tech: The only three things we know about Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS console

  • one It’s portable like the Nintendo DS and uses 3D technology to present gaming experiences the iPhone or iPad can’t.
  • two You’ll be able to turn off
    the console’s 3D mode
    so as not to severely
    damage your stupid
    kid’s eyesight.
  • three It’s going to have really
    tough anti-piracy
    mechanisms to ensure
    people pay for their
    Mario fix. source

19 Apr 2010 20:57


Tech: The poor guy who lost the iPhone prototype likes German beer

  • iPhone update. We think we’ve identified the sorry Apple engineer who left the next-gen phone at the bar. Calling in a min.
  • Gawker Media founder Nick Denton • Regarding that iPhone prototype they just paid $5,000 for. The guy, who Gizmodo just wrote an article on, is a 27-year-old Apple software engineer named Gray Powell. Poor guy’s last Facebook update from the bar was, “I underestimated how good German beer is.” As famous last words go, perhaps not very revealing, but ones we can totally stand behind. We feel for you, Gray Powell. If you’re in D.C., call us. We’ll buy you a … rum and coke. Because beer is bad luck for you. source

12 Apr 2010 10:45


Tech: Don’t let Apple get you down, Adobe. Bask in the CS5 glow.

  • Just in time for that Flash-to-iPhone converter! Adobe finally launched its Creative Suite 5 today, which features (among a myraid list of things which we could spend hours posting) 64-bit support for Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects; Adobe’s BrowserLab Web testing suite; support for many popular CMSes directly within Dreamweaver; and some feature that (heartbreakingly) allows you to save Flash apps as iPhone apps. source

23 Mar 2010 10:00


Tech: The 3DS: Nintendo’s going third-dimensional with its next portable

  • No photos, just a press release. It’s secret. Nintendo has this way of pushing a new technology that’s never been tried in video games before and turning it into a smashing success. The latest? The 3DS, a backwards-compatible variant of the DS series which uses 3D screens. It could be super-interesting. source