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18 Sep 2010 12:25


Offbeat: Guy with appropriately huge nose catches Guinness’ scent

This guy has a bigger nose than anyone else. Which also means that he can smell you from a mile away. Take a shower, dude! Eww. source

01 Aug 2010 11:12


World: Flooding in Pakistan reaching an immense level of devastation

  • 1,025+ people have been officially found dead in the flooding
  • 3,000 could be dead in the flooding when all is said and done source

21 Jul 2010 09:15


U.S.: Check out our massive breakdown of Congress’ spending habits

  • We spent a friggin’ month working on this. We sliced, diced and brought amazing context to Congressional expenditures (specifically the House – not the Senate, unfortunately), and now we’re happy to show you our multitude of hard work (and then some) for AOL News. How much did Congress spend on bottled water? And how much did they spend on Macs vs. PCs? Oh, and who buys more copies of The New York Times? We know the answers to all three. Thanks to the Sunlight Foundation for making this doable. source

04 Jun 2010 02:09


Tech: If we didn’t Kno any better, we’d think this tablet was fake

  • Remember the hype around the Microsoft Courier’s awesome dual-screen format? Well, what if you made it bigger. Not just bigger, comically large? Like you were carrying around the Ten Commandments with you everywhere? Then you’d have the Kno, which has a pretty cool interface despite its insanely huge 14.1-inch dual screens and $1000 price tag. Cut both by about half and you seriously could knock out the college bookstore mafia. (In other news, what the heck is going on in this uber-disturbing press photo?) source

31 May 2010 11:40


U.S.: Ever see a nuclear cooling tower destroyed? Well, you’re about to

  • This is freaking awesome. As part of the stimulus plan, the Savannah River Sites decided to knock off one of their massive cooling towers which was no longer in use and would cost money to secure every year otherwise. It’s pretty awesome to watch really freaking thick concrete fall to the ground like this, in a Roland Emmerich/Michael Bay way.

09 May 2010 11:47


Biz: The still-spreading Gulf oil spill is costly to BP’s bottom line

  • $10 million for BP to clean up
    the oil spill daily source

07 May 2010 10:49


U.S.: How much oil is currently leaking in the Gulf of Mexico, anyway?

  • use this really cool embed to find out all you need to know about the oil leak, just add numbers source

26 Apr 2010 23:05


Biz: Craigslist’s “Adult Services” controversial, makes lots of money

  • $122
    expected revenues for the no-frills classified site in 2010 alone; at least 70 percent of that is pure profit (and mostly from employment ads)
  • $39
    in revenue will come from
    the controversial for-pay “Adult Services” section, made in the wake of the Craigslist Killer source
  • » Printing their own money: The site has a small staff for what it is, but despite that, it’s a total gold mine. For every employee Craigslist has (around 30), the company makes $4 million in revenue and at least $2.9 million in profit, a level so high you simply won’t find it anywhere else in the industry. We wish we made $3 million in profits per employee.

20 Apr 2010 10:17


Biz: SEC, Smesh-EC: Goldman Sachs kills it in quarterly profits

  • $3.46
    size of Goldman Sachs’ profits this quarter, which is kind of a lot
  • 91%
    the amount the company’s earnings went up from a year ago source

19 Apr 2010 23:17


Biz: The SEC wasn’t fully in favor of the Goldman Sachs lawsuit

  • 3-2 the vote which sealed the
    landmark suit’s fate source