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31 Dec 2011 15:30


U.S.: Marine saves his own life after robbery after plugging bullet holes with fingers

  • I’m a Marine and I’m not going to run from a fight. You wouldn’t want a Marine to run from a fight. Call me crazy, call me stupid. I got shot once and it just angered me more. I wanted to get this guy. I got shot twice, and I re-evaluated that decision. I decided I need to stay alive.
  • Florida-based Marine vet Lt. Col Karl Trenker • Discussing how he got shot, days before Christmas, in a Craigslist-transaction-gone-bad. The Iraq and Afghanistan vet’s fiance tried selling a man’s gold-chain necklace, but Trenker offered to make the transaction due to safety concerns, which turned out to be correct, as the alleged buyer picked up the necklace and ran. Trenker ran after the man, known only as “Galven,” only to get shot twice. Here’s the dramatic part: Following his training as a Marine (29 years experience), he plugged the bullet holes with his fingers, a move which likely saved his life. Say what you will about the Craigslist transaction (it certainly wasn’t the best idea), but that’s pretty amazing, no matter how you look at the situation. source

26 Nov 2011 19:10


U.S.: Phony Craigslist jobs ad proves deadly for unsuspecting victims

  • offer An ad looking for farmhands around northeast Ohio drew intrest from a handful of people. One described the ad as a “good offer but strange.”
  • problem The area listed in the sketchy ad did not actually have a farm; instead, the property is owned by a coal-mining company that often rents it out to hunters. Hmm …
  • reality Whoever put up the ad tried to rob and kill the unsuspecting victims. At least two people were found dead; another got away. Two suspects are in custody. source

09 Feb 2011 18:55


Politics: Republican Congressman quits amidst Craigslist scandal

07 Jan 2011 21:22


Offbeat: Not what you think: Actress swipes infant from young mother

  • yeah … When you think of a story about an actress snatching a baby from its mother, you think of Madonna going to some random third-world country ready to cherry-pick her next family member.
  • … but This time, the case involved an aspiring actress who placed an ad on Craigslist casting for a Bollywood movie in Toronto, and then took some poor mother’s infant. What the hell, lady? source

25 Sep 2010 16:44


Politics: WorldNetDaily could use your graphic design skills, guys

  • You will enjoy this work a lot more if you are on the same page as us. You will be bombarded daily with stories about Obama’s birth certificate, the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, guns, abortions, religion, etc. If these things make you cringe, this isn’t the right job for you. We’re depending on your honesty when applying.
  • A job posting by far-right-leaning Web dinosaur WorldNetDaily • Regarding their online-only magazine, WorldNetWeekly. This does not sound like a fun job to start out: You start out as a part-time intern for three months, then become a paid contractor, and then work your way up to a full-time staffer with benefits. It’s telecommuting and you have to be available mornings. We don’t care. We want this job. Have you seen their Web site? It’s a beacon of bad design. You know where our e-mail is, WorldNetDaily staff. Come on. source

08 Sep 2010 20:02


Politics: One former Craigslist sex worker not a fan of the “Adult Services” ban

  • For all the “victims” of the “adult services” section of, I would venture there are a considerable number of individuals like myself – free thinking, entrepreneurial human beings with choices and responsibilities – whose real-life experiences, not to mention sources of income – are being stifled by our so-called advocates.
  • Former Craigslist sex worker Melissa Petro • Criticizing those who pressured Craigslist to take down the “Adult Services” ads. Petro made the choice on her own accord, and wasn’t forced into anything. When she didn’t want to do it anymore, she stopped. “I found the lifestyle physically demanding, emotionally taxing and spiritually bankrupting, and so I made a decision to desist,” she wrote. source

06 Sep 2010 10:04


Tech: Jeff Jarvis: Craiglist’s disruptor status makes it an easy target

  • So why are government and media going after Craigslist? The same reason, I think, that media and government in, for example, Germany are demonizing Google (even as the German people give Google its biggest market share anywhere in the world). They’re going after the disruptors, the biggest disruptors in sight.
  • Jeff Jarvis • Explaining his reasoning about the whole Craigslist “Adult Services” thing, which sounds like a fairly original angle on the whole thing. Craigslist has cost the newspaper industry billions in revenue by simply being able to provide a once-expensive service (classified ads) for free. With a decline in classified revenue of $13 billion across the industry, which might make the media more apt to give this controversy a little extra coverage. “I’m not suggesting conspiracy; I rarely do,” Jarvis writes. “But I do see old power structures huddling together against the cold breath of technologists bringing change.” Remember creative destruction? This is how oid dinosaurs can react to it, if it’s necessary. source

05 Sep 2010 21:35


Tech: Is the Craigslist “Adult Services” thing an elaborate PR stunt?

  • It certainly appears to be a statement about how they feel about being judged in the court of public opinion. It’s certainly the law that they’re not liable for it, but it’s another matter if the attorneys general are saying change your ways.
  • First Amendment lawyer Thomas R. Burke • Regarding the Craigslist “Adult Services” situation. It’s probably worth noting that Craigslist has thus far let the “Censored” bar speak for itself, suggesting that they’re trying to encourage discussion about what the whole situation means as a first-amendment discussion. Or as a safety net. Craigslist needs a little leverage. They’re getting savaged right now. source

05 Sep 2010 20:35


U.S.: Craigslist’s “Adult Services” ads hiding in “Casual Encounters”

  • cause After years of pressure which recently hit a head, Craigslist finally got rid of its monitored, for-pay “Adult Services” section. They put a “censored” bar in its place.
  • reactionWith “Adult Services” out of service, users just moved over to the loosely-monitored “Casual Encounters” section. Great job, watchdogs. source
  • » To emphasize: Craigslist had to take down a service which provided tracking and monitoring of all purchases because regulators were concerned about what was on the site. Now, those users are going to go to other places, such as, which DO NOT provide the kind of tracking and paperwork that Craigslist did. Why is Craigslist getting crap here? Simple: Because they’re an easy target. This kind of stuff is going to happen anyway. Deal with the root problem, authorities.

04 Sep 2010 02:19


Tech: Craigslist puts noticeable “Censored” box on its many pages

Someone was trying to point out that something had changed with the Craigslist listings recently, but we couldn’t figure out what. Anyone know? source