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25 Aug 2011 22:44


U.S.: Rape victim forced to apologize to rapist

  • One nightmare after another: In 2008, a seventh grade special-ed student in Missouri told school administrators that she’d been raped by one of her classmates. Rather than fulfilling its legal obligation to report the incident to authorities, the school accused the girl of lying, made her write and hand-deliver an apology to her accused rapist, expelled her for the rest of the year, and referred her to juvenile authorities for filing a “false report.” When she returned to school in 2010, the same boy raped her again. School administrators once again brushed the girl aside, but a medical examination backed up her allegations, and the boy pled guilty in juvenile court. Now, the Republic School District, along with four specifically-named members of the administration, is being sued. There really are no words for something like this. source

13 Jul 2011 23:04


Tech: New AIDS prevention drug shows promising results

  • Headway in the fight against HIV: A drug called Truvada is effective in preventing AIDS contraction up to 73% of the time, according to two new studies carried out in Africa. The drug has been tested before with less stellar results, but researchers now suspect the earlier study may have been flawed. The catch with preventative drugs, of course, is that you have to remember to take them before the risk presents itself, but still, this is great news. source

11 May 2011 19:37


U.S.: “Mitch The Knife” lives up to name, cuts health services for poor sick people

  • NO Planned Parenthood access for poor Hoosiers source
  • » Last June, he called for a “truce” on social issues. Now, with a presidential run looking ever-so-tempting, Mitch Daniels has no problem cutting reproductive services for 9,300 Medicaid recipients in Indiana, of which he is regrettably the governor. Today, a court rejected Planned Parenthood’s efforts to postpone enforcement of the bill. For low-income Indianans who feared they might have life-threatening illnesses, Planned Parenthood was one of their only resources. Now, thanks to Daniels’ quixotic presidential ambitions, they’re out of luck. (Note: A separate request for an injunction, filed by the ACLU, has not yet been ruled on)

30 Mar 2011 12:30


Politics: Berlusconi’s defense team wants George Clooney

  • Get me Clooney, on the double! It’s been a rough stretch for Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who’s facing trial for allegedly having sex with an underage prostitute. In making this case, the prosecution has focused on Berlusconi’s lavish parties, at which it’s alleged the leader would indulge his carnal desires. In an effort to clear his name, synonymous as it now is with “mischief,” his defense team named 78 witnesses, among them American film star George Clooney. They believe Clooney (as well as his Italian girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis) will be able to attest to the “mode of conduct” at the parties, which they insist was “elegant” and certainly not lewd.  source

03 Mar 2011 13:33


Culture: BYU forward Brandon Davies suspended for… consensual sex?

  • The showers only run cold: Brigham Young University, named after the Mormon leader of yesteryear, has a basketball team, and a rather good one. They also, however, have a student honor code that states you can’t have premarital sex. Which lead to the deeply peculiar (especially within the “win-at-all-costs” realm of collegiate athletics) revelation that BYU pivot Brandon Davies had been suspended from the team yesterday for having consensual sex with his girlfriend. Obviously, as long as they’re not violent or forced over non-believers, religious tenets are anybody’s personal right. But there’s a decent chance not all of those players are Mormon, and from the view of a secular player sitting on that bench, it must be frustrating to have your season disrupted by this. source

14 Feb 2011 22:24


Offbeat: NASA: Deep space sex unlikely to yield reproductive gains

  • YES makin’ babies in space is tough, due to radiation source

09 Dec 2010 10:47


World: Cablegate: Know a prince and Saudi? Well then, it’s time to party

  • The full range of worldly temptations and vices are available – alcohol, drugs, sex – but strictly behind closed doors.
  • A leak from Wikileaks’ Cablegate series • Suggesting that Saudi Arabia is in fact not as conservative as it seems behind closed doors. Apparently, it goes like this; the Vice Police tends to go after people into sex/drugs/alcohol, but they tend to leave Saudi princes (of which there are thousands) alone – especially if they have a direct lineage to King Abdullah. So, as a result, if a Saudi prince is at your party, it’s time to GET DOWN. source

22 Nov 2010 20:34


Offbeat, U.S.: Study: Men turned on by smell of pumpkin, other foods

  • The number one odor that enhanced penile blood flow was a combination of lavender and pumpkin pie.
  • Dr. Alan Hirsch • Highlighting a key finding in a new study at Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment Research Center. The study tested the aphrodisic properties of various foods; along with pumpkin, the scents of vanilla and strawberry rhubarb pie were also found to increase males’ sex drives. Interestingly, none of the scents had a negative effect; “Nothing turns a man off,” Hirsch says. Happy Thanksgiving!  source

09 Nov 2010 22:07


U.S.: Protip to teenagers: Text a lot and you’ll get high, drunk and laid

  • cause Teenagers like to text each other a lot, and some of them send over 120 a day (five an hour). Us old people won’t understand the reasoning behind this.
  • effect Those teens are more likely to take drugs, drink alcohol and have sex. Translation: They get invited to all the good parties because they text so much. source

21 Oct 2010 21:30


U.S.: Shock: Abstinence-only education doesn’t reduce teen pregnancy

  • 2.5% teen pregnancy rate in states with comprehensive sex education
  • 6.0% teen pregnancy rate in states with abstinence-only education. source
  • » So, who’s surprised by this? According to a new CDC study, if you want to prevent teens from getting pregnant, it’s better to educate them about birth control than to yell “DON’T HAVE SEX!” in their faces while pretending there’s no such thing as condoms. The study found that, of the five states with the highest teen pregnancy rates, all require teachers to stress abstinence during sex education. Conversely, states with the lowest teen pregnancy rates have none such requirement. It’s almost as if teenagers are going to have sex regardless of what their teachers tell them!