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12 Nov 2011 16:37


World: More on Silvio Berlusconi’s exit as Italian Prime Minister

The long-controversial Italian PM exits as the two chambers of Parliament passed a tough austerity plan. The Senate passed it Friday; the lower house passed it today with a resounding 380-26 vote. source

08 Nov 2011 15:11


World: SIlvio Berlusconi to resign as Italian Prime Minister

  • The end of an era: Silvio Berlusconi was, if nothing else, a remarkably durable politician. He served as Prime Minister three different times, briefly in the 90s and twice over the last decade, despite both political and sexual scandals (you may recall his broken promise to sell his media assets if elected, his alleged tryst with underage prostitute ‘Ruby The Heart Stealer,’ and his very specific, foul assessment of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, fr example). However, following what Reuters reports as a “humiliating” legislative defeat over proposed reforms to meet the fiscal demands of the euro zone debt crisis, Berlusconi will soon be on the way out. Honestly, we never thought this guy’s political life would end with a parliamentary defeat. It somehow seems not salacious or bizarre enough, given the rest of the man’s career. (Photo by Alessio85) source

08 Nov 2011 11:04


World: Silvio Berlusconi walking on eggshells after botched economic vote

The vote, which went in his favor, showed however that he no longer has an absolute majority of support in the Italian parliament. It increased calls for his resignation. source

16 Sep 2011 00:19


World: There’s something world leaders don’t say every day

  • Berlusconi’s back: In a move that probably won’t help German-Italian relations, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was caught on tape referring to German Chancellor Angela Merkel as an “unf@#kable lard-ass.” These are harsh words from the lothario Berlusconi; while he’s admitted to being “a bit mischievous” with his sexual exploits, he’s also insisted that he treats women with the utmost respect. Hopefully this won’t spark an international crisis (Reuters photo)source

22 Aug 2011 10:47


World: Delayed reaction of the day: Silvio Berlusconi’s plea to the Libyan rebels

  • Now, you might not know this, but there’s a bit of a civil war going on at the moment in Libya. The rebels are fairly close to victory — so close they can smell it. So, right on cue, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, a former colonial leader of Libya who was once an ally to Gaddafi and a reluctant partner in the NATO campaign in Libya, has urged the rebels “to abstain from any violence.” Now … look. We can see that there is obvious danger of things escalating, and the rebels do need to be careful to approach the situation carefully. But seriously, this is the wrong time for this comment if he’s going to make it. This is, like, a war, man. Things like this happen. But to tell the rebels to drop their weapons now, at a key time in the country’s history where they’re about to win, seems just a little bit tone-deaf to the current situation. source

30 Mar 2011 12:30


Politics: Berlusconi’s defense team wants George Clooney

  • Get me Clooney, on the double! It’s been a rough stretch for Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who’s facing trial for allegedly having sex with an underage prostitute. In making this case, the prosecution has focused on Berlusconi’s lavish parties, at which it’s alleged the leader would indulge his carnal desires. In an effort to clear his name, synonymous as it now is with “mischief,” his defense team named 78 witnesses, among them American film star George Clooney. They believe Clooney (as well as his Italian girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis) will be able to attest to the “mode of conduct” at the parties, which they insist was “elegant” and certainly not lewd.  source

15 Feb 2011 10:13


World: Berlusconi’s facing trial in wild underage prostitution case

  • YES Berlusconi’s trial starts in April; get yo cameras ready!
  • yes The girl Berlusconi reportedly had paid for sex was over the age of consent in Italy, which is a fairly-young 14.
  • yes Prostitution in Italy is also pretty much legal, meaning that Berlusconi likely broke no laws for simply paying for sex.
  • no Paying for sex with someone under 18 isn’t legal. Ruby Heart-Stealer wasn’t 18 before the incident. Oops. source
  • » And there’s an Egypt tie to this story, too: Perhaps the most bizarre spare detail of the entire incident might be the reason why Berlusconi was caught this time. See, Ruby Heart-Stealer, a Moroccan whose real name is Karima El Mahroug, was arrested last May for theft, and he called the Police to intervene – because, get this, he believed she was Hosni Mubarak’s niece. Random. Berlusconi and Heart-Stealer both deny they had sex, though there must have been an interesting story about how they met, then. Right?

13 Feb 2011 12:05


World: 200 cities + a tawdry sex scandal = A huge anti-Berlusconi protest

Hundreds of thousands of women took part in today’s protests. This is why, if you’re the leader of Italy, you don’t get associated with scandals involving underage prostitutes. source

14 Dec 2010 11:01


World: Silvio Berlusconi (barely) survives no-confidence vote in Italy

  • 314-311 that’s not very confident source

13 Dec 2010 10:22


World: Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi could face the music in no-confidence vote

Speaking of fights for one’s political life, Silvio Berlusconi could be out of office after a no-confidence vote on Tuesday. To call the dude controversial in Italy puts it lightly. source