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30 Mar 2011 12:30


Politics: Berlusconi’s defense team wants George Clooney

  • Get me Clooney, on the double! It’s been a rough stretch for Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who’s facing trial for allegedly having sex with an underage prostitute. In making this case, the prosecution has focused on Berlusconi’s lavish parties, at which it’s alleged the leader would indulge his carnal desires. In an effort to clear his name, synonymous as it now is with “mischief,” his defense team named 78 witnesses, among them American film star George Clooney. They believe Clooney (as well as his Italian girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis) will be able to attest to the “mode of conduct” at the parties, which they insist was “elegant” and certainly not lewd.  source

24 Jun 2009 23:21


Politics, U.S.: Fox News mixes paper and plastic when it takes out the trash

Just ’cause you don’t like something a Republican did (in this case, Mark Sanford) doesn’t automatically make him a Democrat. source

03 May 2009 09:25


U.S.: Arlen Specter was not feeling Republican love in Pennsylvania

  • 29% of Pennsylvania Republicans had a favorable opinion of Specter after the stimulus vote
  • 60% of Democrats (and 41% of independents) looked at him favorably, so he switched source

19 Jan 2009 10:47


U.S.: Obama’s inauguration an expensive proposition

  • $170 million The cost of Obama’s inauguration – paid for by private donors as well as from the government’s pockets
  • $1.24 million The cost of the swearing-in ceremony itself; the parties, Port-A-Potties and security are the biggest costs source