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24 Aug 2009 22:24


Politics: A prescription for what ails Obama: A move to the right?

  • For months polls have shown a huge gap between the popularity of the president and the unpopularity of his policies. Sooner or later, one of these had to give.
  • Wall Street Journal columnist William McGurn • Discussing Obama’s health care policy in the wake of his declining poll numbers. McGurn says that by letting go of the fight, Obama will strengthen his position as president – just like Bill Clinton did in 1994. Regarding Clinton, McGurn notes: “Though he continues to deny GOP contributions to his success, after his 1994 health-care defeat, Mr. Clinton did what all smart pols do: He appropriated the most appealing parts of his opponents’ agenda.” Our counterpoint: If Obama does that and loses the battle, we all lose health care reform. One would argue that if Obama actually pulls it off. his legacy will be even greater. • source

06 Aug 2009 09:26


U.S.: Obama’s poll numbers are currently sinking like a stone

  • -7% decline in Obama’s approval rating since his 100th day source

03 May 2009 09:25


U.S.: Arlen Specter was not feeling Republican love in Pennsylvania

  • 29% of Pennsylvania Republicans had a favorable opinion of Specter after the stimulus vote
  • 60% of Democrats (and 41% of independents) looked at him favorably, so he switched source