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09 Dec 2010 10:47


World: Cablegate: Know a prince and Saudi? Well then, it’s time to party

  • The full range of worldly temptations and vices are available – alcohol, drugs, sex – but strictly behind closed doors.
  • A leak from Wikileaks’ Cablegate series • Suggesting that Saudi Arabia is in fact not as conservative as it seems behind closed doors. Apparently, it goes like this; the Vice Police tends to go after people into sex/drugs/alcohol, but they tend to leave Saudi princes (of which there are thousands) alone – especially if they have a direct lineage to King Abdullah. So, as a result, if a Saudi prince is at your party, it’s time to GET DOWN. source

30 May 2010 12:43


Offbeat: British lout who won lottery right back where he first started

  • Disclosure: This story is from The Daily Mail. You know, that bastion of good journalism and better sensationalism. If it’s wrong, blame them. But we like running stories about chavs done good. So here goes.
  • 2002 Former garbage man Michael Carroll, 19, picks up his £9.7 million lotto prize wearing an ankle bracelet.
  • 2003 Carroll was spending £2,000 per day on crack cocaine and living the life of a guy who basically parties all day.
  • 2008 He was run out of his own house by dog- killing thugs, and on his last million pounds; he had to sell all his cars to get by.
  • 2010At 26, he’s broke and living off a £42-per-week unemployment stipend. He wants to be a garbage man again. source

24 Nov 2009 10:59


Culture: They’re like Facebook party pics, except with Katie Couric


  • Considering we’ve looked this stupid on the dance floor before, no comment. source