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26 Feb 2011 17:47


World: Britain a little late with evacuating its citizens from Libya

  • 150 stranded oil workers rescued by British military planes source
  • » Britain’s been getting criticized lately: See, many have felt that the country has been a tad, uh, slow, in getting its citizens out of the country. In response, Britain has closed its embassy and is getting its diplomats out. As for this incident, while not all of the workers were British, many of them were. (The Brits dropped them in Malta.) Britain has upwards of 500 nationals in the country, many of them oil workers, so they have their work cut out for them.

15 Jul 2010 11:02


Culture: Piers Morgan, the new Larry King? He could make bank by signing

  • $18 million for that British dude on “America’s Got Talent” source

27 Jun 2010 20:53


Tech: The Daily Mail learns Steve Jobs doesn’t have a verified Twitter account

We may have to recall the new iPhone. This, I did not expect.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

  • Hey, wait a second. That’s not Steve Jobs’ Twitter account! Tell that to our friends at The Daily Mail, who used it as a basis for a story about Apple possibly recalling millions of iPhone 4s over the infamous antenna issue. It’s a good thing The Next Web noticed it and encased it in amber, or we’d never know how little they actually read Twitter before realizing not everything on Twitter is true. A tough lesson to learn. We learned it when we read somewhere that Nick Nolte died. source

30 May 2010 12:43


Offbeat: British lout who won lottery right back where he first started

  • Disclosure: This story is from The Daily Mail. You know, that bastion of good journalism and better sensationalism. If it’s wrong, blame them. But we like running stories about chavs done good. So here goes.
  • 2002 Former garbage man Michael Carroll, 19, picks up his £9.7 million lotto prize wearing an ankle bracelet.
  • 2003 Carroll was spending £2,000 per day on crack cocaine and living the life of a guy who basically parties all day.
  • 2008 He was run out of his own house by dog- killing thugs, and on his last million pounds; he had to sell all his cars to get by.
  • 2010At 26, he’s broke and living off a £42-per-week unemployment stipend. He wants to be a garbage man again. source

13 May 2010 10:24


World: Right out of the gate, the new British PM’s office cuts its pay

  • 5% across the board cuts for the coalition government source

08 Feb 2010 10:48


Music: Hot Chip’s new album gets the band more Pitchfork love than ever

  • 8.4 the rating of “One Life Stand,” which may blow them up source

Previous Pitchfork ratings

  • 7.0 the rating of their breakthrough to mainstream popularity, “Made in the Dark” source
  • 8.1 the rating of second platter “The Warning,” which they call a “step forward” source
  • 8.0 the rating of first album “Coming on Strong,” which was a tad bit cheeky source

29 Jan 2010 09:37


World: Tony Blair: Uh, yeah, about Iraq … we changed, not Saddam

  • It wasn’t that objectively he had done more. It was that our perception of the risk had shifted.
  • Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair • Speaking out regarding allegations that he had misled Parliament about the threat in Iraq. Essentially, he admitted that it wasn’t an imminent threat, but 9/11 had changed the playing field. Oh boy. That sounds like he might have misled Parliament on Iraq. source

08 Jan 2010 08:44


World: Pollsters find that regular Brits want Gordon Brown gone

  • 50% of people would like the Labour Party more if Gordon Brown wasn’t the figurehead
  • 69% don’t think there’d be anyone in the Labour Party to replace Brown’s leadership source

07 Jan 2010 22:34


World: Gordon Brown: Not a well-liked man in the U.K. right now

  • There was certainly some consideration by several of Brown’s ministers yesterday over whether or not to back him. In the end, none of them wanted to wield the knife. But yes, of course, this is further damaging to Gordon Brown.
  • University of Liverpool political department head Jonathan Tonge • Regarding the fate of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who barely survived a revolt by his own party this week. Some of his own staff barely even gave him any love. The ultra-unpopular Labor Party member fended off a couple of senior party members asking for a vote to get him out of office, and likely faces a worse fate from the British public in June elections. Remember how the last guy, Tony Blair, also left in a firestorm of controversy from his own Labor Party? Yeah. Just sayin’. Seems like a trend at this point. source

02 Jan 2010 21:51


World: Drunks overwhelming the British health care system, probably drunk

  • 50p minimum price for alcohol recommended source