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24 Oct 2010 12:01


World: Wikileaks: Nick Clegg (smartly) chooses not to shoot the messenger

  • I think anything that suggests that basic rules of war, conflict and engagement have been broken or that torture has been in any way condoned are extremely serious and need to be looked at.
  • British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg • Suggesting that the British government needs to investigate the torture claims brought forth by Wikileaks’ massive Iraq War data dump. Just yesterday, the country’s Ministry of Defense, which condemned the group for releasing the data. Clegg, on the other hand, has a very refreshing response to the whole thing: “We can bemoan how these leaks occurred, but I think the nature of the allegations made are extraordinarily serious.” If only more world leaders would take that approach to Wikileaks. source

13 May 2010 10:24


World: Right out of the gate, the new British PM’s office cuts its pay

  • 5% across the board cuts for the coalition government source

11 May 2010 21:45


World: So yeah, holy crap, Britain’s leadership completely changed today

  • winner Conservative leader David Cameron is now the country’s Prime Minister, a move that happened very quickly.
  • gainer Nick Clegg, whose Liberal Democrats created a coalition with the Tories, gets a top cabinet seat in the deal.
  • loser Labour leader Gordon Brown, who couldn’t lead his party to victory or form a coalition to remain in power. source

10 May 2010 12:15


07 May 2010 11:24


World: The British elections: Nobody really came out ahead this year

  • +88 number of seats the Tories gained (not enough to lead outright)
  • -94 number of seats
    Labour lost (enough to fall out of power)
  • -5 number of seats Lib Dems lost (so much for big gains) source
  • » So what’s next, anyway?: With the hung Parliament, nobody has enough votes to lead completely, so right now, the two major parties are trying to court the Liberal Democrats. Whoever can win them over will have proxy leadership over Parliament.

28 Apr 2010 10:59


World: Gordon Brown not a fan of “bigoted women,” winning elections

  • She’s just a sort of bigoted woman who says she used to be Labour.
  • British Prime Minister Gordon Brown • Regarding a woman she met when he was out with the commoners today. Eight days before a major election. Too bad for him, because he was wearing a mic when he said it. Nick Clegg’s looking like a more viable option by the day, while Labour’s looking like a major fail. source

17 Apr 2010 11:59


World: Nick Clegg’s starting to sound a little like Obama circa mid-2008

  • I can’t predict what is going to happen in the election campaign, but I think something exciting is starting to happen. … If a growing number of people do that then the possibilities of doing things differently really are huge.
  • British Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg • Regarding the increase in support his party has seen in recent weeks. The center-left party is doing well in the polls of late, especially in the wake of Clegg’s solid performance during a TV debate earlier this week. He suggests it could be a break from “old politics.” Other British parties are finding ways to criticize this possibility, though: Labour representatives are down on the party’s stance on the Trident nuclear defense system, and Conservative leader David Cameron is quick to leap on the possibility of a hung parliament of the Lib Dems get any more power. source