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10 Jan 2012 14:39


U.S.: College age booze-bingers average 9 drinks per binge session

  • So says the Center for Disease Control. Their study on binge-drinking, released today, trumpets this very concerning figure, though some vital context is missing; obviously, what type of alcohol is being consumed is going to play a role in just how dangerous this is. There isn’t really a type of alcoholic beverage you can consume nine times over that wouldn’t leave you blindingly or dangerously drunk, however, and as a public health issue this can’t be ignored. (Photo by libraryrachel) source

18 Oct 2011 00:33


U.S.: CDC: America goes big or goes home when it comes to vices

  • $150B the yearly burden to society caused by lazy people who don’t exercise
  • $193B the yearly burden to society caused by smokers; *cough* *cough*
  • $224B the yearly burden to society caused by  “binge drinking,” our nation’s pasttime source

20 Jul 2011 22:33


Tech: App lets iPhone users see all of your drunken mistakes

  • A new iPhone app allows you to view real-time video feeds from inside local bars, so you can, in the words of the creators, “see what a venue looks like, to get a head count.” Cool idea, but that means that if you’re in one of said bars, everything you do is being streamed online—whether you know it or not. Bars that opt-in to this aren’t required to tell patrons that they’re being filmed, and the footage is accessible from the company’s website, so it’s not just limited to iPhone users. The creators defend the app’s integrity, saying that “the point of the product is not to make a stalker utility.” Which is a vapid defense, of course, because the intent behind a product has no bearing on the manner in which it’s capable of being used. We suspect Apple might pull this one before too long. source

08 Mar 2010 10:42


Politics: The Tea Party movement getting in the way of actual tea parties

  • When I look at search engine results for ‘Chicago tea,’ I find a whole bunch of Chicago tea party movement sites. There are a few tea places and then all this political stuff. It’s pretty annoying.
  • Chicago tea shop owner Tony Gebely • Regarding a huge marketing problem he has as a result of the Tea Party – what if people actually want tea instead of fiscally conservative politics? It’s really hard to find it on Google. Gebely’s problem isn’t anywhere near as bad as a guy who’s starting a business called “Memphis Tea Party” – pretty much every result that comes up is for the Memphis Tea Party, the organization. source

08 Feb 2010 20:33


Culture: This number should scare you out of drinking another Coke

  • 87% added risk of pancreatic cancer for pop-drinkers source

02 Jan 2010 21:51


World: Drunks overwhelming the British health care system, probably drunk

  • 50p minimum price for alcohol recommended source

01 Jan 2010 19:18


World: Russian vodka price hike: How do you write “this sucks” in Cyrillic?

  • 89 ruble, or $3, minimum price for vodka in Russia source

07 Dec 2009 20:42


Culture: Lots of Tiger Woods dramarama today. Here’s the latest.

04 Nov 2009 10:55


U.S.: Vermont wants to get you drunker than any other state

  • 16% the legal alcohol-by-volume cap for beer in Verdrunk source

12 Sep 2009 13:38


U.S.: College students all about drinking to the point of no return

  • 56% of college students binge drink; the rest are losers source