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22 May 2010 14:33


Culture: Tiger Woods’ potential divorce looking like most expensive thing ever

  • $750 million divorce; Elin may not want to stay silent source

11 Apr 2010 12:17


Culture: Jim Carrey: Major Tiger Woods fan, apparently

  • No wife is blind enough to miss that much infidelity. Elin had 2 b a willing participant on the ride 4 whatever reason
  • Jim Carrey • In a series of tweets about Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin. In another, he gave a big-up to the dude: “Tiger Woods owes nothing 2 anyone but himself. 2 please his father he gave up his childhood and his freedom in the world. That’s enough!” The funnyman, who just broke up with Jenny McCarthy on Twitter, is certainly making himself sound like a major class act in these posts, isn’t he. source

18 Mar 2010 10:18


Culture: South Park slams a nine-iron into the Tiger Woods story

  • Oh, South Park, we missed you so. Last night’s episode tackled everyone’s favorite punching bag, the Tiger Woods saga, with clever bits such as this one, where Cartman and Stan play a Tiger-themed fighting game. We want to buy this game. source

19 Feb 2010 10:59


18 Dec 2009 22:18


Culture: The New York Post knows how to milk Tiger Woods really well

  • 20 straight days of Tiger Woods front pages; nice golf score source

11 Dec 2009 22:59


Culture: Tiger Woods skips the Oprah chat, goes for the hiatus card

Woods will have a lot of time to think about what happened – and golf will have even more to consider life without him – during his hiatus. source

08 Dec 2009 08:59


Culture: Tiger Woods drama: Uh, holy crap. Who’s on that stretcher?

  • Whoever’s on that stretcher isn’t looking so hot. This morning, a 911 call came from the home of Tiger Woods, leading to someone taken to the hospital on a stretcher from a nearby house. The person on the stretcher has been described as a “blonde woman.” She was followed in an SUV driven by someone matching Elin Nordegren’s description. Jesus, let’s hope this isn’t bad. (On a side note: The Orlando Sentinel, despite being updated just moments ago, has a complete fail of correct, up-to-date information. We apologize for using their site for this story.) source

07 Dec 2009 20:42


Culture: Lots of Tiger Woods dramarama today. Here’s the latest.

30 Nov 2009 10:33


Culture: A PR person speculates on why Tiger shouldn’t let people speculate

  • There’s only two things worse than whatever really happened outside Tiger Woods’ house: speculation and the appearance of a cover up.
  • David and Sam PR founder and creative director David Eichler • Describing why Woods’ desire to keep the car crash story under wraps is doing him significantly more harm than good. “When you make a billion dollars by being a celebrity you have no privacy,” he continues. “No matter how egregious the truth is, Tiger’s camp would be well served to learn from history and not try to run, hide or pretend they don’t owe the public the truth.” source

28 Nov 2009 09:34


Culture: Was the Tiger Woods crash a domestic violence incident against Tiger?

  • earlier One of our regular commenters suggested that the Tiger Woods incident screamed “scorned woman beating incident.”
  • now The very report that TMZ came out with late last night suggests this exact scenario. Is Elin Nordegren angry? source