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02 Dec 2010 20:59


Offbeat: Two can play that game: Dude rejiggers cheating girlfriend’s Netflix

  • One Reddit user decided to hit his cheating girlfriend where it hurts. So he went to Netflix and started ratings until he was able to come up with this really harsh list of I-know-you’re-cheating classics. Wait a second … Bambi? source

17 Jul 2010 20:35


Culture: A little too “Right”: How one guy hacked “The Price is Right”

  • Why did Drew Carey have approximately zero energy in this 2008 clip, where one of his “Price is Right” contestants got a Showcase Showdown price exactly right? Well, two reasons: One, he thinks the show’s never going to air, and two, because he thinks the guy who won it, Terry Kniess, is cheating. In truth, he wasn’t cheating – he just spent months watching the show very closely, like fellow game show hacker Michael Larson (awesomely) did with “Press Your Luck” in the early 1980s, and noticed that they kept repeating the same items (and prices). Kneiss’ spectacular win forced the show to change the way they did their prizes. source

31 Jan 2010 11:57


Politics: John Edwards used a lot of tricks not to get caught, still did

  • When rumors of the affair started circulating, she continued to risk getting spotted in hotel lobbies and grocery stores. ‘I think she wanted to get caught,’ Young writes.
  • Slate writer Christopher Beam • Regarding the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter affair, which former Edwards associate Andrew Young wrote about in great detail. Young was on the losing side of most of the romantic facilitation, having to do pretty much everything possible to cover it up from Edwards’ wife Elizabeth, who was reading financial and phone records with a fine-toothed comb. It’s a nice guide about how not to get caught when having an affair. Final tip: Make sure you wear a condom. Edwards didn’t. source

11 Dec 2009 22:59


Culture: Tiger Woods skips the Oprah chat, goes for the hiatus card

Woods will have a lot of time to think about what happened – and golf will have even more to consider life without him – during his hiatus. source

07 Dec 2009 09:50


Culture: Tiger’s list of women is getting absurdly long, hard to believe

  • 7 women want to be associated with the world’s greatest golfer source

05 Dec 2009 09:30


Culture: The Tiger Woods situation keeps getting messier and messier

  • four women have reportedly come forward in the Tiger Woods case
  • two of the women are cocktail waitresses; it’s a thing source

02 Dec 2009 21:42


Culture: pushes the Tiger Woods story to a disgusting new level


  • Is the Tiger Woods coverage not tasteless enough for you yet? Play the game. It’s probably enough to push those barriers of taste over the edge. See Tiger? If you had come clean four days ago, you wouldn’t be the subject of (pardon our french) shit like this. source

02 Dec 2009 11:53


Culture: Tiger Woods finally breaks down, admits to affairs

  • I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves.
  • Tiger Woods • Admitting to transgressions and affairs with other women. He should’ve said something on Saturday. Now it’s just a mess and he can’t do anything to fix it. We feel bad for him, but … dude, your PR sucks as much as your golf game rules. source

14 Aug 2009 19:39


World: Canada’s Simon Fraser University says simply failing isn’t good enough

  • FD it’s like failing, except with even more fail than usual source

27 Jun 2009 11:07


Politics, U.S.: Mark Sanford’s wife, Jenny: “Not only will I survive, I’ll thrive.”

  • Am I O.K.? You know what? I have great faith and I have great friends and great family. We have a good Lord in this world, and I know I’m going to be fine. Not only will I survive, I’ll thrive.
  • Jenny Sanford • On her husband, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s, admission that he had been cheating on her with a woman in Argentina. She’s a strong individual just like Sanford. She is scorned woman. Hear her roar. • source