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22 Jun 2010 00:29


Music: Rapper turns death rumors (lemons) into PR opportunity (lemonade)

  • All these rumors that I’ve been shot are phony just like half the rappers in the game. I’m still here, promoting my R.E.D. Album, so when it drops, go get it or else you might end up dead like me (laughs).
  • Rapper Game • Dispelling the rumors about his untimely demise and at the same time getting his new album a little much-needed publicity, which he hasn’t had a lot of lately, because he’s Game (formerly “The Game,” which was way cooler). For a period today, “the game dies in shooting” was the top trend on Google, giving the rapper an opportunity to live to see some of that Tupac money. source

31 Jan 2010 11:51


Culture: Obama: Good president, better Georgetown play-by-play dude

  • Our president is a total badass, guys. Whether or not you agree with the president’s policies, this is way better than, say, Bill Clinton playing the sax for Arsenio Hall back in the day. It’s like he knows how to let loose and have fun occasionally despite the level of politics going on. And in case you see a dip in the guy’s work output around March or so, he explains why in the video. He watches every single game of March Madness. source

21 Jan 2010 09:19


Tech: Retro nerdgasm: Final Fantasy is coming to the iPhone (whoa!)

The game isn’t released on the app store yet, but Mashable has some pretty lookin’ screenshots for nerds to nerd about. source

05 Jan 2010 11:23


Offbeat: Gamer spends too much money on item that isn’t real

  • $330,000 for virtual item source

04 Dec 2009 23:48


Tech: Some guy in Taiwan beat “World of Warcraft,” wasted his life

  • 986 objectives completed – one of them apparently not “getting a girlfriend”
  • 390,895 creatures killed – none of them as scary as the mean, evil bullies at school source

03 Dec 2009 03:45


Music: REO Speedwagon can’t fight this feeling to be marketed with a game

Heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another that this game really sucks. Sorry, REO. Couldn’t resist the golden opportunity. source

02 Dec 2009 21:42


Culture: pushes the Tiger Woods story to a disgusting new level


  • Is the Tiger Woods coverage not tasteless enough for you yet? Play the game. It’s probably enough to push those barriers of taste over the edge. See Tiger? If you had come clean four days ago, you wouldn’t be the subject of (pardon our french) shit like this. source

10 Nov 2009 21:06


Tech: Roomba Pac-Man is officially the nerdiest thing ever

  • Someone with more time on their hands somehow made a fully-functioning Roomba-based version of Pac-Man. Laugh now, but when these Roombas are human-sized and get a taste for human blood, you won’t be laughing anymore. source

17 Oct 2009 19:47


Tech: Canabalt is the biggest dead-simple time-sucking game ever

  • Canabalt makes us want to stop everything we’re doing and just play it for six hours. But we couldn’t do that to you guys. The game, originally designed for the Experimental Gameplay Project, somehow turns a one-button game into the most-exciting duck-and-jump adventure this side of “Die Hard.” Best part? There’s an iPhone version that’s just as exciting (and simply-designed) as the Flash game. source

28 Aug 2009 01:39


Sports: That Michael Vick guy did OK, considering all that jail time

Bro made his debut as a Philadelphia Eagle last night. Since he won’t play for reals until around week six, it actually made for a good preseason game. source