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29 Dec 2010 11:03


Politics: Tucker Carlson: Michael Vick should’ve been executed (!!!)

  • Yo, Tucker: What Michael Vick did was awful, and we’re sure he realizes the error of his ways … but come on. Execution? Exe-freaking-cution? In other news, we haven’t been to The Daily Caller in months. Is that site still around? source

14 Oct 2009 20:48


Sports: St. Louis Rams bidders rushing to get away from Rush Limbaugh

  • It has become clear that his involvement in our group has become a complication and a distraction to our intentions; endangering our bid to keep the team in St. Louis.
  • St. Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts • On the decision to dump the talk show host from his group bidding on the future of the St. Louis Rams. The criticism of the host’s possible ownership of an NFL franchise reached a fever pitch earlier this week, to the point where commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the situation. The barking points revolved around remarks he’s made about Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick and black players in general that seemed racist to many. For Checketts’ part, he says Limbaugh was only a minor partner. • source

30 Sep 2009 19:50


28 Aug 2009 01:39


Sports: That Michael Vick guy did OK, considering all that jail time

Bro made his debut as a Philadelphia Eagle last night. Since he won’t play for reals until around week six, it actually made for a good preseason game. source

26 Aug 2009 11:24


Sports: The Humane Society’s new spokesman: Michael Vick. PETA, take notes

  • This is how you should handle a PR disaster like Michael Vick. Don’t call him a d-bag in the press: Everyone knows he is one. Instead, give the dude a chance to show that he can rehab his public image. Kudos to the Humane Society for realizing it. Bad on PETA for screwing this golden opportunity up. source

13 Aug 2009 23:26


Politics, Sports: PETA should have leveraged Michael Vick, but they didn’t

  • For all the good they’ve done, PETA has a way of alienating itself from the general public. And there is no group of people that is more ‘general public’ than football fans.
  • 24SevenCities blogger Jesse Scaccia • Discussing PETA’s current role in the Michael Vick saga. Rather than be willing to forgive and leverage Vick’s role in what happened, they released this cutting quote: “PETA and millions of decent football fans around the world are disappointed that the Eagles decided to sign a guy who hung dogs from trees. He electrocuted them with jumper cables and held them under water.” We’re with Jesse: Longtime vegetarian, in favor of many of the beliefs they espouse. But they could have leveraged Vick as a huge media opportunity. • source

13 Aug 2009 22:48



13 Aug 2009 22:43


Sports: The Eagles have landed … Michael Vick. Wait, what?

  • Is Donovan McNabb not doing it anymore? The Philadelphia Eagles were the winners of the nab-Michael-Vick contest, which is surprising because they already have a really good quarterback in the thrower spot already. The Eagles gave the suspended Vick a two-year contract, although Vick won’t be able to help them until Roger Goodell gives the OK to let him play in a regular-season game. That won’t come until at least October, if at all. Either way, look for him to play in the final two games of the preseason. source

11 Aug 2009 11:24


Sports: It looks like Michael Vick’s jail time didn’t turn off potential teams

  • I don’t know where he’s gonna end up. I can’t tell you which teams, but I know there’s at least five.
  • A source familiar with the situation • Regarding Michael Vick’s chances of getting signed. Something tells us that teams are totally willing to live with a guy who spent a while in jail for dog fighting if he can get stuff done. So, expect Vick to be on a team’s roster this season. • source

28 Jul 2009 10:26


Politics, Sports: Is the NFL kicking Michael Vick when he’s down?

  • A man just spent two years in a federal penitentiary, but for Goodell — the commissioner of a sport in which a grown man runs around with a ball until someone else tackles him to the ground — doing real, hard time wasn’t enough.
  • columnist Howard Bryant • In a scathing criticism of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s handling of the Michael Vick saga. As opposed to just letting the man play after years of suspension and two years of jail, Goodell tacked another suspension on top of that. Regarding the possibility that Goodell could actually extend the suspension, Bryant says, “There is something childish and vindictive and personal about this, and that is the secondary, more sinister element in the ruling.” • source