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24 Jan 2010 20:36


Tech: “It’s got Windows on it, I promise.” Steve Ballmer signs a Macbook Pro

  • Good idea, better reaction. Uncle Fester, a.k.a. Steve Ballmer, was caught off guard when a college student asked him to sign his Macbook Pro. Without losing a beat, the Microsoft Chairman and CEO signed it for him, with the phrase “Need a new one?” plastered on it in permanent marker. Awesome from all corners. source

18 Aug 2009 10:21


Sports: The Washington Nationals actually signed their big prospect!

  • $15.1 million to have Stephen Strasburg lob fastballs source

11 Aug 2009 11:24


Sports: It looks like Michael Vick’s jail time didn’t turn off potential teams

  • I don’t know where he’s gonna end up. I can’t tell you which teams, but I know there’s at least five.
  • A source familiar with the situation • Regarding Michael Vick’s chances of getting signed. Something tells us that teams are totally willing to live with a guy who spent a while in jail for dog fighting if he can get stuff done. So, expect Vick to be on a team’s roster this season. • source

07 Mar 2009 20:40


Sports: T.O. has a short, but lucrative contract with the Bills

  • $6.5 million size of the one-year contract the Buffalo Bills offered Terrell Owens
  • 100%
    of it
    guaranteed payout of the contract; if T.O. flakes, it’s still his source

07 Mar 2009 20:34


Sports: Someone’s getting back T.O. work (with the Buffalo Bills)

  • I must move on, and it’s another beginning for me. If I can be that extra added piece to get them to the playoffs, then that’s what I’m here for.
  • Terrell Owens • On agreeing to a one-year contract with the Buffalo Bills just days after the Dallas Cowboys, uh, laid him off. Despite his myriad of personal problems, he remains one of the most consistent wide receivers in the NFL. • source

06 Mar 2009 09:54


Sports: T.O.’s agent: Lots of teams want T.O. I just won’t name them.

  • There are several teams that are interested in signing Terrell. I have been in negotiations with these teams. I will not identify these teams at this time.
  • Drew Rosenhaus • Who says Terrell Owens should be signed to a team by the end of next week, despite the fact that many teams have come forward to say they’re not, in fact, interested.  • source