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24 Feb 2012 11:20


Culture: Ryan Braun happy, officials aren’t over MLB suspension reversal

  • It is the first step in restoring my good name and reputation. We were able to get through this because I am innocent and the truth is on our side. We provided complete cooperation throughout, despite the highly unusual circumstances.
  • Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers • On the reversal of his 50-game suspension. Braun, the most recent NL MVP, challenged a recent drug-related penalty and was successful in overturning it. Because his urine sample was not sent to the testing facility on the same day it was collected, the MLB Players Association announced the decision’s reversal. Not everyone agrees with this decision; Travis Tygart, the CEO of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, claimed this reversal to be “a real gut-kick to clean athletes.” source

12 Nov 2011 13:33


U.S.: Venezuelan MLB player Wilson Ramos describes kidnapping

  • I was super scared, and even though they did not hurt me physically, it was something that was very painful. I didn’t think I was ever going to see my family again, and that hurt me so much. But now, I am with them again and it feels tremendous to be back.
  • Washington Nationals player Wilson Ramos • Discussing his kidnapping ordeal, which ended last night amidst a storm of gunfire. Ramos claims that, despite his kidnapping, his kidnappers treated him well. “They wanted money and they said they were not going to hurt me if they got their money,” he said. “They actually treated me well. They never hurt me. They fed me. They knew who I was and said it was not about hurting me. It was about money.” Ramos, who is from Venezuela, is the first known MLB player to be captured in this way, though it’s happened before with players’ relatives. source

10 Nov 2011 11:19


World: Wilson Ramos: Washington Nationals catcher kidnapped in Venezuela

  • The vehicle was found, but Ramos is still missing: In a harrowing incident sure to bring attention the the spate of armed kidnappings in Venezuela, four armed kidnappers took Wilson Ramos, who just finished his rookie season with the Washington Nationals, from his home in Santa Ines. The 24-year-old is one of hundreds of people captured in recent years — including 619 in 2009 alone. It’s gotten to the point where the wealthy in the country — including baseball players, who take part in winter leagues — pay for security detail. “Every Major League player has his own security, but we don’t know if at that time he had his security there,” notes Domingo Alvarez, vice president of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League. Our thoughts are with Ramos, his family, and his team. (photo by Keith Allison on Flickrsource

14 Jul 2011 13:34


Culture: That was quick: Roger Clemens perjury case ends in mistrial

  • He’s entitled to a fair trial. He now cannot get it.
  • Judge Reggie B. Walton, judge in the Roger Clemens trial • Explaining why he’s declaring a mistrial in the case, which just started this week. Basically, the prosecution revealed a statement to the jury when they weren’t supposed to. He went on to angrily rebuke the government counsel responsible for the prosecution, saying that they should have been more careful because they can’t just get away with anything — and what they’ve already said can’t be erased from the jury’s minds. “A lot of government money has been used to reach this point. The government should have been more cautious,” he “I don’t see how I can un-ring the bell.” source

02 Jun 2011 14:21


Politics: The San Francisco Giants say “It Gets Better”

  • A wonderful step: The San Francisco Giants have become the first professional sports team to join the “It Gets Better” campaign, with the release of this video. With this, the Giants are leading a charge in baseball similar to the Phoenix Suns in the NBA, meaning LGBT fans everywhere can now ask why their team hasn’t followed suit — likely the absolute best way to get more franchises on board with this message, and affect positive change. Incidentally, this isn’t the first time the Giants have set the example on a progressive social issue; back in 1993, they were the first team to give proceeds to AIDS research with “Until There’s a Cure” day. Enormous thanks to Barry Zito, Matt Cain, Sergio Romo, Andres Torres, and Hensley Meulens for doing this. source

31 Mar 2011 14:28


Sports: A national pastime to pass your time

  • The long winter is over: For those of you who are baseball fans, Opening Day is an occasion when anticipation, good vibes, and nostalgia of all stripes can wash over you in an instant. And as two-thirds of us here at ShortFormBlog have the World Series-winning Giants in our backyard, the local enthusiasm is hard to miss. A fun bit of trivia, courtesy of The Atlantic: since William Howard Taft, every President besides Jimmy Carter has thrown out at least one ceremonial first pitch. Likely due to the kerfuffle that unfolded over his NCAA basketball bracket, President Obama will not be throwing the first pitch at the Nationals opener this year. source

19 Oct 2010 22:34


Biz: FCC’s smart response to Fox/Cablevision fight: Live-tweeting the game

Matt Cain relieved after 7 strong, 2 H, 0 ER. Giants scored on two singles, throwing error. SF up 3-0 top 9 Oct 19 22:51:49 via web

  • This is what we’ve come to as a country. The FCC, stuck in the middle of a pissing match between two of the most annoying companies on the face of the planet, actually live-tweeted a little of today’s Phillies/Giants NLCS game. Cablevision, News Corp., take notes: When you idiots bitch about money, the FCC’s going to make you look really stupid. Someone in the Obama administration’s bureaucracy knows how to land a blow with social media. Well-played. source

13 Jul 2010 10:39


Culture: RIP George Steinbrenner: The original larger-than-life franchise owner

  • He just turned 80 the other day. Say what you will about the guy (and people had lots to say about him during his 37-year reign), but the Yankees owner knew how to win. He knew how to get the right players, put the right people in place and win the World Series, much to the chagrin of every other team out there. He died of a heart attack last night. Some key facts:
  • sevennumber of World Series under Steinbrenner’s reign
  • 11 number of pennants his teams won over nearly four decades
  • $1.6B the amount it cost to put together that kind of record

His pop-culture place

  • He was a constant figure on “Seinfeld.” Well, kinda. When George Costanza worked with the Yankees, he was a source of parody, never actually seen onscreen but always worth a laugh or two at his expense. Larry David voiced the parody Steinbrenner and Lee Bear played him. It wasn’t his only spot in pop culture, but it was his most prominent.

Key quote about the guy

  • To be able to deliver this to the Boss, to the stadium he created and the atmosphere he created around here, it’s very gratifying to all of us.
  • Yankees manager Joe Girardi • Talking after the team’s World Series success in the new Yankees Stadium. Steinbrenner held his teams to high standards – he had to, he paid out of the wazoo for them – but the results often proved his model correct. The manager before Girardi, Joe Torre, left after failing to win the World Series, despite yearly playoff appearances. By the end, George had given his sons Hal and Hank increasing authority over the team, but the base was all his. Still doesn’t mean Red Sox fans have to like it. source

13 Jul 2010 10:02


04 May 2010 22:45