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13 Jul 2010 10:39


Culture: RIP George Steinbrenner: The original larger-than-life franchise owner

  • He just turned 80 the other day. Say what you will about the guy (and people had lots to say about him during his 37-year reign), but the Yankees owner knew how to win. He knew how to get the right players, put the right people in place and win the World Series, much to the chagrin of every other team out there. He died of a heart attack last night. Some key facts:
  • sevennumber of World Series under Steinbrenner’s reign
  • 11 number of pennants his teams won over nearly four decades
  • $1.6B the amount it cost to put together that kind of record

His pop-culture place

  • He was a constant figure on “Seinfeld.” Well, kinda. When George Costanza worked with the Yankees, he was a source of parody, never actually seen onscreen but always worth a laugh or two at his expense. Larry David voiced the parody Steinbrenner and Lee Bear played him. It wasn’t his only spot in pop culture, but it was his most prominent.

Key quote about the guy

  • To be able to deliver this to the Boss, to the stadium he created and the atmosphere he created around here, it’s very gratifying to all of us.
  • Yankees manager Joe Girardi • Talking after the team’s World Series success in the new Yankees Stadium. Steinbrenner held his teams to high standards – he had to, he paid out of the wazoo for them – but the results often proved his model correct. The manager before Girardi, Joe Torre, left after failing to win the World Series, despite yearly playoff appearances. By the end, George had given his sons Hal and Hank increasing authority over the team, but the base was all his. Still doesn’t mean Red Sox fans have to like it. source

13 Jul 2010 10:02


12 Jul 2010 21:26


Tech: Guy says he owns Facebook. Now we claim that we own it, too

  • 84% percentage of Facebook some guy claims he owns
  • yes the dude’s claim led to a stop on all Facebook asset transfers
  • 0% percentage of Facebook we think that guy actually owns source

16 Feb 2010 10:21


Biz: General Growth’s name-defying bankruptcy nightmare almost over

  • $10 billion offer for the mall owner from Simon Property source

18 Jun 2009 10:55


Sports: Vikings owner on Brett Favre: Really, it’s all on him

  • Right now, it’s all up to Brett Favre in terms of where his future is at. I’ll just leave it at that.
  • Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf • On whether Brett Favre will be playing for his team next season. As for Favre, his recent surgery might complicate matters. He noted when throwing the ball around recently that he felt it more than he used to. “I threw the ball OK,” he said. “but OK isn’t good enough in the National Football League. At least not for me. So it’s got to get better.” Maybe it’s because you’re old and need to stay retired. • source

28 May 2009 20:47


Biz, U.S.: General Motors may soon be as American as socialist pie

  • 72.5% of GM could be owned by taxpayers. Hooray! source

16 Apr 2009 09:00


Biz, U.S.: Mall owner General Growth goes through general collapse

  • $27 billion in debt – a record real estate bankruptcy. o_O source